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Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall. Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall.
Mentat - that Amos Pro source code you use doesnt work here mate ;) Sort it out! (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-30-52)
The Wall, wasnt that some tacky show on C4 in the UK presented by Terry C.? =;) (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-29-38)
Excellent hidden Warez link BTW guys. (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-28-35)
And if I do an exceedingly long line I bet it will put up that average word counter thingy for me too making it look really really cool even though it is infact just wasting space and doing nothing of any use whatsoever! (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-27-47)
One more to go and im there ;) (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-27-09)
Head feeling ok after getting pissed last night Mentat? (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-26-33)
ooooh if I put a few entries in ill get into the satatistics bit =:) (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-25-43)
Oye mentat, you SPICE girl lover, dont ya want to link in my homepage? =:) (Babbage)
19-08-1997 17-24-16)