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Here's the damn' bunch of cyberstones it's all about.
MSX will never die !! (ATLANTIS)
(24-09-1997 14:13:26 )
Ay muchachos, non habla ras casa! quando se comme aquis? (Arriba)
(24-09-1997 11:07:49 )
I saw the King! He lives! :) (Radium)
(23-09-1997 22:20:52 )
Hayo pablos, I am El Kingo and I wil rulo this wall, even when I have to type in my siesta, caramba! (El Kingo)
(23-09-1997 22:20:00 )
ok, I am bored now, laters vatos, cool page. (Presidente )
(23-09-1997 22:14:42 )
I will catch up too you guys! I will post 100 a day if i have too! (Presidente )
(23-09-1997 22:13:30 )
Muahahahahahaha, los voy a chingar a todos. (Presidente)
(23-09-1997 22:12:51 )
Put it this way, Prez in da house! (Presidente)
(23-09-1997 22:10:49 )
I am gonna be the most frequant user damnit. (Presidente)
(23-09-1997 22:09:56 )
I am gonna be the most frequant user damnit. (Presidente)
(23-09-1997 22:08:55 )
A new face on da block vatos, none of you can hand with dis! (Presidente)
(23-09-1997 22:07:21 )
Horale vatos, viva EL Prez! (Presidente)
(23-09-1997 22:05:35 )
ARGH I HATE PC'S!!! well, actually I hate WINDOWS95!!! AAARGH. and I ESPECIALLY HATE PLUG 'n PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH /me is frustrated! (Whizzkid)
(23-09-1997 18:06:58 )
Hmmm,Legacy ,nu weet ik dat je pas een tijdje op deze school zit,maar als je een beetje had opgelet had je gezien dat het niet aan het IRC prg'tje lag..... (Blacktop)
(23-09-1997 16:02:56 )
Aahahahahahah! Your PC will be cursed for the rest of your life, now that you sold your soul to the Dark Side! Amigas rule! :-) (Radium)
(22-09-1997 20:29:22 )
Mike TV: Koel, want postmoderne gabber roeleert! Kun je het niet melen? (Radialternaivum)
(22-09-1997 20:24:42 )
PC'S!!!!!! AAAAAARGH my cpu need 3.3Volt my motherboard, which states that it supports the cpu I have, has only settings for 3.2 and 3.5 wheeeeeeeee!!! 8(!!!!!! (Whizzkid)
(22-09-1997 18:10:04 )
Ik zit nu lekker op school te internetten... echt laggen, maar helaas kan ik (nog) niet irc'en, want dit is een kut irc progje... nou mzzl he... (Legacy)
(22-09-1997 16:07:19 )
(looking mean, tagging this message to radium/oops): 1st gabbersong is finished, only shouts from mc-lejo and it is ready for production! maybe sompin for oops ?? --- mike tv/q&b--- singin' off C64-style ! (mike tv)
(22-09-1997 15:49:28 )
Life has it's ups and downs 8) (Whizzkid)
(22-09-1997 15:44:11 )
Hehe.. eindelijk een beetje fatsoenlijke lunchpauze... Beetje eten.. Beetje internetten... dum di dum di dum... (Tycoon)
(22-09-1997 13:00:59 )
Greetings from Pengwyn's annual par-T 8) (Whizzkid)
(21-09-1997 20:59:38 )
Hee een verhaaltje, wat geiny (Bonke001)
(21-09-1997 17:35:36 )
and just what is happening to opps! the irc channel... there is never anymore then 3 people on it lately... or is it just me there at the wrong times???? (robbe)
(21-09-1997 00:31:57 )
geeee a whole wall with out a robbe message.... what ever next???? i'm just not happy about this??? (robbe)
(21-09-1997 00:29:49 )
Okay okay! no counters! (Mr P)
(19-09-1997 11:37:49 )
Never knew I could write that much on this silly subject anyway, eheh. (Radium)
(19-09-1997 11:03:26 )
I will even quit Oops! when a counter will be placed somewhere on these pages. :-) ... Visible counters suck! It's like... OK, this site is annoying, but LOOK AT HOW COOL WE ARE SINCE XXXXX PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HERE! Yuck! Get my point now? :-) (Radium)
(19-09-1997 11:02:43 )
And because Mr. Tycoon has always proven to be right in the past, I totally agree with him! :-) (Radium)
(19-09-1997 11:00:34 )
NoooooooOOOooOoOoOOooo! A counter would make the site definately uncool!! (Mr. Tycoon)
(18-09-1997 22:42:09 )
I don't want a counter on the oops! site!!! Or do we mean different things here? (Radium)
(18-09-1997 22:39:02 )
One of the cooler Homepages in history as we know it.. (Dt)
(18-09-1997 18:30:15 )
What do you mean, I can't spell?? (Whizzkid)
(18-09-1997 17:44:48 )
Who wants a page-coutner on the Oops! site? (Whizzkid)
(18-09-1997 15:51:03 )
The Bible still sucks. (Radium)
(17-09-1997 21:44:51 )
Still unaple to sbell probably broberly, don't you Whizzkid? :-) (Radium)
(17-09-1997 21:44:17 )
Sonic Trip (XS)
(17-09-1997 01:13:16 )
You mean you won't write anymore on the wall? Wow, that could be fun! (Whizzkid)
(16-09-1997 17:39:41 )
Yeah, I'm outta here. But soon you will be begging for my words of motherfuckin'wisdom, for my life-improving contributions to this wall. But then, I won't be there. Do you read the bible? There's a passage I got memorized, seems suitable for the occasion. Änd it would have been better if you have never known these rules for righteous life. But now that they don't wanna know about it no more, they will be like clean pigs, turning to their mud again. (M. Wallace)
(16-09-1997 13:47:25 )
Yeah! we won both compo's!!!! Check out our page frequently, coz all entries will be online here!! (propably hihi radium?) (Whizzkid)
(15-09-1997 21:14:16 )
Weeeh,I missed Bizarre,but I had a cool weekend anyway,cool party.....there was this cool band...Mental Sickness...and the cops came....they drank a nice beer with the party people,listened a couple of songs,and then went away in a nice "orderly" fashion(nobody beated the crap out of them,that means!!)oh, my girlfriend came over from Amsterdam to.....so I guess I didn't miss that much....C Ya (Blacktop)
(15-09-1997 12:12:39 )
Hi doodz, I'm back home again. Just heard that Oops! kinda ruled the Bizarre Amiga compos... why didn't they tell me we could actually participate ourselves? :) (Radium)
(15-09-1997 00:23:00 )
Ok peeps, I'm packing up my computer stuff now, well I'm taking a shower first, but that aside, SEE YOU AT BIZARRE!!!!! (Whizzkid)
(12-09-1997 12:51:00 )
O.K. I'm here now (Pyro)
(12-09-1997 00:11:24 )
????????????????????? (Me)
(12-09-1997 00:08:20 )
Nah we're not all dutch here, but there's some guys on who seem to forget that the WWW is available to all languages, and therefore forget to speak english, which is a pity. (Whizzkid)
(11-09-1997 17:49:05 )
hmmmm, computers op de universiteit zijn toch wel snel :-)))) (mentat)
(11-09-1997 16:35:22 )
I wish i was still in holland... Not stoned enough anymore... :( (Shag)
(11-09-1997 14:13:14 )
stone, real stone... (Radich)
(11-09-1997 12:15:37 )
Is everyone from Holland around here, on this wall?? (Ultra)
(11-09-1997 11:57:03 )
>Hello world...? (Ultra)
(11-09-1997 11:53:32 )
whoow! I'm back to Paris.... I'll have a full inet axs in about 1 month.. l8r!! (Shag)
(11-09-1997 09:42:35 )
PRD: ja heeeeeeee kolere, naja dan nog maar eentje gaan halen 8) (Whizzkid)
(10-09-1997 20:43:54 )
Radium: heeee weet je? Iemand heeft gevraagd of we misschien een internet cafe in Harderwijk willen inrichten! Grappig he? Ik weet niet of het doorgaat, maar het zou wel leuk zijn. Niet doorvertellen he? Dit is strikt geheim enzo... (Stephan)
(10-09-1997 14:15:54 )
Nee Whizz je moet ook Amiga Computing kopen!! 8) (Prodigy)
(10-09-1997 11:45:17 )
Radium: heb je lol daar in Berlijn???? Wij verder wel hierzo... alleen heeft euroslet nog steeds niets aangesloten... maar we krijgen op hun kosten een vervangende lijn! Cool he? Maar we missen je wel hoor :-) Tot vrijdag! (Stephan)
(10-09-1997 08:53:03 )
Hehe Radium can find a way to internet wherever he is! 8) And the cu-amiga isn't the right magazine though, there's some mag that rated WWW sites and gave US a rather high score 8) but I bought CU-amiga but it's not the right one, PRODIGY!!!!!! (Whizzkid)
(09-09-1997 22:15:54 )
Yo radje en de rest die meekijken.. Het is wel een beetje stil hoor zonder jou bij LW maarja. We hebben vandaag de eerste reaktie(telefoontje) gehad.. kewl he!!Maarja we hebben geen internet en daar waren zij ook al achter :-(((( Ajuus veel plezier (COLLO!)
(09-09-1997 18:44:01 )
Hellööö... this is me, and I´m using a free internet terminal at the moment, somewhere in ex-east Berlin. I just visited the old fernseh-turm, which is 213 m high. Phew. By the way, what´s that cu-amiga thing about? Uhm... my mother and GuangLi are being bored now, so ehh... see ya. I´ll be back in Holland thursday-evening, but it will be quite late. Bye! (Radium)
(09-09-1997 18:28:10 )
Radium isn't in Holland to take your compliment, so I will do it on behalf of him 8) thanks! (Whizzkid)
(09-09-1997 18:16:10 )
WOW! Thiz zite ziet der goed uit! (Meester Ijs)
(09-09-1997 17:03:29 )
WOW, the OOPS! site (yes, the one you're watching now) was given a HIGH score in CU-amiga's website thingy! gotta buy me that one 8) (Whizzkid)
(09-09-1997 00:51:03 )
Wacht maar tot je een PC hebt! 8) (Whizzkid)
(08-09-1997 17:41:26 )
hmzz...praktika zijn nog steeds leuk..zolang ik nog geen pc hep...:) (Stroh)
(08-09-1997 16:37:43 )
Ah the weekend is over, when's the next one ? (Whizzkid)
(08-09-1997 09:51:43 )
What did I do now? 8) (Whizzkid)
(06-09-1997 02:20:17 )
oooo whizzy thats so sweet of you"! (robbe)
(05-09-1997 23:47:47 )
oooo whizzy thats so sweet of you"! (robbe)
(05-09-1997 23:45:33 )
jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Zeer strak plan! (Tycoon)
(05-09-1997 22:48:38 )
Als Wallace EN Blacktop nou gewoon eens een hele week hun smoel houwen...? (Radium)
(05-09-1997 19:30:40 )
I predict Cyclops will write something on here! (whizzkid)
(05-09-1997 17:29:58 )
Did I mention I bought a playstation? 8) wheeee it's fun, I already have a sore thumb! hehe (Whizzkid)
(05-09-1997 17:29:35 )
Hey, I program in AMOS and I can't recall EVER seeing that line in any of my sources! hehe 8) (Whizzkid)
(05-09-1997 17:29:01 )
Now I will go and get a life.....something all of ya should do.... (Blacktop)
(05-09-1997 14:04:44 )
O.K. then, I WILL be moving to another country now.....or somebody should shoot M. Wallace!!!!! (Blacktop)
(05-09-1997 14:01:07 )
Brain of a baby uh uh? Who's the fuckin'spelling master 'round here? You see, that's the little sting I meant before. It's pride fuckin'with ya. And when pride is fuckin'with ya, you gotta know that it's the vengeance bein'stroke down on ya. My job is done 'round here: "Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will sheperds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and finder of lost children." Amos 13:5. Now let rule who rules. (M. Wallace)
(05-09-1997 10:46:12 )
By the way, I prefer "too much", because it is gramatically correct. (Radium)
(05-09-1997 00:27:57 )
Useful is still written with only one "l". Har har, Blacktop is a dumb fool. (Radium)
(05-09-1997 00:24:34 )
By the way, Radium, I starting my own chat-group,called:"what the hell is the difference between external and internal amplification?" I'm now at the point that I think it means you should have crummy speakers that make to much bass sound,but you can't have a good amplificator....is it? (Blacktop)
(03-09-1997 16:44:47 )
I want to be on the top of your #@$#@ list,,but I just don't have anything usefull to say(like always,I know) (Blacktop)
(03-09-1997 16:42:28 )
Well.....Legacy maybe???Come out come out wherever you are.... (Blacktop)
(03-09-1997 16:41:21 )
Thus Kuybosrd Sicks...... (Blacktop)
(03-09-1997 16:40:01 )
Well,who's up for this mindgame today? (Blacktop)
(03-09-1997 16:39:30 )
Well,I think he meant me,but by this time I'm thinking this guy has the vocabulary of Einstein,but the brain pf a baby....By the way MR.Wallace,your little dealer,did not bend...... (Blacktop)
(03-09-1997 16:38:27 )
mrWallace, would you care to enlighten us with the reason of your verbal explosions on this wall? (Whizzkid)
(03-09-1997 10:27:37 )
Hey kewl! I Like this, from now on included in my hotlist ;-) (LiGHtNiNG!)
(02-09-1997 16:08:01 )
We cool. We really cool. One more thing: I want your ass outta this town tomorrow. We cool, but you'd better make me fuckin' forget about this. And I will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And they will know that My name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon them. This means your ass. (M. Wallace)
(02-09-1997 11:24:28 )
ooh really? cool! hmm must get me a new armour then 8) (Whizzkid)
(31-08-1997 23:37:05 )
oooo whizzy thats so sweet of you"! (robbe)
(31-08-1997 18:44:18 )
I volunteer 8) but my armour is rusty a bit. and I don't seem to fit in it anymore 8) (Whizzkid)
(30-08-1997 01:55:18 )
Windmills. (Crash!)
(30-08-1997 00:07:22 )
now who completely wiped me off the wall? i'm gonna cry... i need a knight in shining armour, any volunteers? (robbe)
(29-08-1997 21:56:44 )
Uhm...Seriously,Whizzkid and Radium.....are you coming to da cc2000 Tommorow? (Blacktop)
(29-08-1997 14:48:57 )
Buy my new novell: How To Handle Psycho's; only $29,95.... (Blacktop)
(29-08-1997 14:48:05 )
Clogs. Big ones. (MeSoN)
(29-08-1997 13:33:23 )
Now, the night of the fight, you might feel a little sting. That's pride fuckin'with ya. O.K. I'm gonna get cool wit ya. Me casa, su casa. If you don't want your ass to go down allright. See you tonight then. By the way, previous message pretty please with sugar on top of it: (M. Wallace)
(29-08-1997 12:06:01 )
got for pretty fuckin'cheap sale: Samurai sword to defend yo ass. Well let me tell ya what next. I'm gonna call a couple pipe-hittin'niggers to bust yo ass. So we're cool now? (M. Wallace)
(29-08-1997 11:59:27 )
(29-08-1997 09:58:18 )
Uhm...M.Wallace?Isn't sunday the end of the week....ok.......but because I'm a nice guy I'll see ya tonight(friday)....fuck you are making me feel wanted....that's a bad experience......signing off..(TO EVERYONE WHO HAS READ THESE MESSAGES;IF I'M NOT HOME ON SATURDAY CALL THE POLICE!) (Blacktop)
(29-08-1997 09:40:18 )
HI (dragonnel)
(29-08-1997 09:32:39 )
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