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Here's the damn' bunch of cyberstones it's all about.
first, radium is responding in no-time, and then all is silent... well, in the meantime i will announce the release of a very nice 12" record called 'postmodernism 2' by quick & brite. it will be out on the 12th of december and it can be orderded from then on by mail and internet. just keep the url http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b in mind and you will know the details. thank you. mike signin' off (mike.tv)
(17-11-1997 12:37:43 )
i will reveal Wallace's identity if he doesn't quit whining ! (hehehe now THAT's blackmail !) (mike.tv)
(17-11-1997 12:35:13 )
> wij zijn DOL op hokjes ! < (mike.tv)
(17-11-1997 12:33:57 )
toch erg handig zo'n klokje, want dan weet ik precies de tijd. de klokjes op de comps hier op de universiteit staan nl ALTIJD verkeerd, leuk he ! daar leg je dan die twee en een halve groene flappen voor neer! staan de klokjes niet eens goed ! for the people who cannot speak dutch, and think they are missing some important point: you are not missing anything but whining about computers. mike tv and hiz tb-303 (the real one) signin' off c64-style towards http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b (mike.tv)
(17-11-1997 12:33:16 )
why is everybody so uptight about being nice to each other ? a bit of argument just stirs up this lonely wall ! (mike.tv)
(17-11-1997 12:29:20 )
Is the wall dead? No? Start to write then! (Radium)
(17-11-1997 11:27:26 )
Tycoon: Cool! I think I order a "dusty orchid" model! (Radium)
(15-11-1997 23:07:34 )
Oh... and check out the new Amiga at http://www.instantech.com/bath/ntzzz6760 (Tycoon)
(15-11-1997 22:34:59 )
Hmmm.. we are actually having a discsussion on irc #amigascne about Kermit the frog... It seems that in some countries he is not part of Sesame street! And we think Ernie and Bert are gay! (Tycoon)
(15-11-1997 22:33:40 )
Hey, it's Saturday... So my weekend just started. Yeah! One whole day doing... erm... erm... (Tycoon)
(15-11-1997 19:11:58 )
Hey, it's time again to write some bullshit here, because it's been over 2 days since the last message. OK, I just want to say this to everybody: De wereld heeft meer banaan nodig! (Tycoon)
(15-11-1997 19:08:28 )
Robbe: I'm able to be nice to and about other people, but some people get on my nerves, and then I'll bite. I told you I was mean ;) (Radium)
(13-11-1997 18:23:42 )
new hp www.warwick.ac.uk/~edujl frames as well!!!! (robbe)
(13-11-1997 18:02:57 )
it kinda makes me think whether certain people that type on this wall are able to be nice about other people and respect a persons right to think what they want! (robbe)
(13-11-1997 17:58:03 )
geeee...... what happened to all the fun pointless chat on here..... tsk it is all so serious at the moment!!!! (robbe)
(13-11-1997 17:52:14 )
Shag: Cool, I'll check my mailbox then! (Radium)
(13-11-1997 12:41:00 )
Just sent the article to prodigy about our demo session with the english translation! (Shag)
(13-11-1997 12:01:45 )
Hi guys, Lookfromwherei'm calling ya all......a real Internep pole,in Amsterdam.......well,that wasall i wantd to say so.... (Blacktop)
(12-11-1997 15:44:14 )
Look, Wally just discovered that his life is boring! We made it! (Radium)
(12-11-1997 15:31:33 )
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. (M. Wallace)
(12-11-1997 14:35:25 )
Wally: you think you know others like you know yourself.......you thought i didn't have the strenght to stop with da weed...I stopped blowing.......now you try and stop beeing a lamer......LOSER!!!!! (Blacktop)
(12-11-1997 12:13:39 )
Wally: cut the green stuff a long,long time ago.......idiot!.........Oh, and Radium: thanx....get it this afternoon i think....c ya all! (Blacktop)
(12-11-1997 12:05:30 )
Blacktop: Get your AnarchyNijntje now! I just gave it to my bro tonight. (Radium)
(12-11-1997 01:09:13 )
OK vette stoerpraat kan ik natuurlijk ook: I'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher... There is no other... I'm the one and only dominator! (Human Resource, long ago, and Radium, right now) (Radium)
(12-11-1997 01:07:55 )
Wally: You don't have an easy life, I try to understand your motives... living in Harderwijk can cause serious mental problems, and you don't seem to be able to solve them on your own. It's good to have a world-wise-wall for that. Just thank me. And Whizz. (Radium)
(12-11-1997 01:04:38 )
Yo Wally! Fuck you and your hopeless imagination! I'm licking no-one's ass, I'm only showing you that you, your primitive philosophy and your repetitive junk messages bore me. Do I sound like Whizz? Too bad, honey, you might just bore him as well. (Radium)
(12-11-1997 01:00:36 )
Hey, who is the MF on our irc channel? He is not there, he does not give ops... His address is not one of ours... damn! (Tycoon)
(11-11-1997 23:18:55 )
Mmmm Whizz is coming close to find my birth-spot. Blacktop you got no clue at all. What's all the Dutch doin'man? I'm sure yo friends will not appreciate it. And you don't want that. By the way, did you stop smoking the green like you once mentioned full of confidence? I think not so.... Cos I know ya. Whizz, if it really makes you feel better, then just do so without askin' my permission first! Who d'ya think I am? Yo parents? Think man. Think. Radium: quit quoting Whizz. Don't lick the juice of his ass man. Make something up that entirely belongs to you. Or quote pop songs like I did once. But....show'm who you are man. I'm sure you're a lot more when you stop concerning about Whizz'opinion on you. (M. Wallace)
(11-11-1997 16:42:25 )
MikeTV: Actually, lately radium has been receiving money (well) for internetting 8) just like lil' ol' me 8) (Whizzkid)
(11-11-1997 01:00:31 )
i`m the best ! (syntax)
(10-11-1997 22:58:36 )
Hi guys,haven't seen ya in a long while,maybe time for some irc chat tommorow.......night?C YA!!!!!! (Blacktop)
(10-11-1997 14:42:08 )
nevermind, i'm out! (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:51:39 )
h0ken ! (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:51:15 )
i got pictures of the mc-505 ! just search with altavista and it's the first record! (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:37:33 )
damn, i have the feeling that radium isn't going to show up today, well he's paying to do this and i do this for free (i mean surfin the net) (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:35:02 )
that's strange .. if i hit 'reload' my message is sent over and over again ! (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:32:40 )
dear old mike knows exatcly what tycoon is talking about... *sigh* (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:32:10 )
dear old mike knows exatcly what tycoon is talking about... *sigh* (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:31:56 )
dear old mike knows exatcly what tycoon is talking about... *sigh* (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:30:56 )
hi radium i am online right now. any time to chat maybe ?? (mike.tv)
(10-11-1997 13:29:29 )
wallace - ok, roxette rocks, but i would rather **** and * *** *** then worship someone's idea of a god. in the meantime i will be the protector of bad taste on this wall. so don't be offended by my language in the future unless you like to talk dirty... now i'm strapping on tight and enjoying the ride to endorphinz (endorphin)
(10-11-1997 11:57:00 )
Well... with the necessary surgery... :) (Radium)
(09-11-1997 21:19:27 )
Ain't this a beautiful world? Now all I need is a girlfriend... :P (Tycoon)
(09-11-1997 18:55:43 )
Tycoon: I love you :) (Radium)
(09-11-1997 16:44:53 )
One minute ago I was actually programming something for Oops! Now that is worth mentioning I thought... Hmmm... well, better than nothing. It has already been 2 days ago that somebody wrote any crap here. (Tycoon)
(09-11-1997 15:44:59 )
Don't forget to TRANSLATE it to english before sending it to us ok? 8) (Whizzkid)
(07-11-1997 17:18:08 )
Wheepee, discovered a French article about our Session demo!! (Shag)
(07-11-1997 13:28:33 )
Wheepee, discovered a French article about our Session demo!! (Shag)
(07-11-1997 13:14:55 )
SAAI ,wally......bedenk eens wat anders om hier te doen(DOE EENS NORMAAL?) (Blacktop)
(07-11-1997 12:00:45 )
How sweet of you, Wally, you know Roxette song texts, and you have the fantastic capability to use them in your rantings! You just hit the #1 spot in the quote-charts. You rule, boy. (Radium)
(07-11-1997 11:07:02 )
Wally: I feel sorry for you. So much anger, and only a tiny little wall to spoil your frustrated view of the world. (Radium)
(07-11-1997 11:04:22 )
Look I can quote too : Effective troubleshooting requires a methodical approach to the problem, and a basic understanding of how the networks work. (TCP/IP network administration 257:11) (Whizzkid)
(07-11-1997 10:28:00 )
Ooh, a double quote, from the bible and from PulpFiction. My dear Wallace, first of all Robbe made a type, you don't have to explain the english language to an english person. and you make mistakes all the time you know? if you want I will gladly point them out to you. And about the header, first of all it's no header, because it's the second big text that appears and second of all, 'damn' is a lot less 'insulting' than calling people motherfuckers, assholes and what not. (Whizzkid)
(07-11-1997 10:17:27 )
1234 Talking like a man; Hittin' like a hammer I'm the juvenile scam Never was a quitter, Tasting like a raindrop..I got the look ..And Radium goes blabla-blablabla blabla-blabblabla bla... Oh boy you're so stupid I could tell you the Bible was written in Latin you would believe it.......Oh no! That was Wonea! I'm sorry. Radium is mucho more stupid then that. I mean that's child's play. Mmmmmm wonder where that little person Wonea is, he surely got something to explain about his resources. Afraid? Don't be. Cos I'm comin'in peace. "But I will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to insult and destroy my brothers. And they will know My Name is the Lord when I lay down my vengeance upon them. (Ezekiel 25:17) (M. Wallace )
(07-11-1997 09:56:51 )
Radium, once again you're proving to be the one I think you are. I mean, now you brought it so far that also others then me will tell you to cut the crap. Once again, Whizz will have to tell you you were nasty boy. And you'll be sorry. Cos you don't want to fall out of Whizz' grace at all. So I reckon you'll be back soon, lickin'Whizz'ass like in old times. Lemme sing a song to you. (M. Wallace)
(07-11-1997 09:44:07 )
Robbe: Don't worry about our little Don Quichot (fighting against evil walls instead of windmills, what the heck) ... I'd rather see a typo than a bible quote. :) (Radium)
(06-11-1997 20:35:30 )
The "damn bunch of cyberstones" is (guess) my term, and I have thoroughly examined all other options before I chose it to be THE term. And you prove I was right! Wow, I'm a genius! And a god damned funny one, too! (Radium)
(06-11-1997 20:32:30 )
You don't understand it Wally. I don't even have to try. I'm just the most funny entity ever. We might start another discussion to get rid of your masochist definition of having fun, by the way, but I'm afraid people will laugh themselves to death then. (Radium)
(06-11-1997 20:29:11 )
Yo Lancelot! Whatya mean messed-up ending? The "good name"-part? Well, just to please the guy. Whizz, you did forget I never started using terms like you use in your headings. I'm getting a little bit tired of pointing you to your ceaseless mistakes. Start doin' it right man! Radium: I AM having fun! Robbe: mentioning Whizz and Radium are nice....now that's nasty stuff! By the way, get some English lessons. It's fair, not far! Fair means righteous and far means remote. And doin'it twice! Radium: to be funny you gotta have a lot more in your storage then just some cheap Whizz-echo's. (M. Wallace)
(06-11-1997 14:00:23 )
Love can endure anything... but I miss you Astrid (El-Lancelot)
(06-11-1997 11:13:40 )
Uuh, Mr. Wallace I didn't bother to say it, but the ending was messed up anyway! (El-Lancelot)
(06-11-1997 11:12:07 )
Don't critize what you don't understand, you never walked in the man's shoes (El-Lancelot)
(06-11-1997 11:04:58 )
Love can endure anything... but I miss you (El-Lancelot)
(06-11-1997 11:03:23 )
Wallace: The Wall was meant to have FUN with, don't forget that. People who are incapable of having fun should protect their image by deciding not to write here. Except me, of course, because I'm funny by nature. (Radium)
(05-11-1997 13:07:31 )
Yeah!!!!! Robbe for president! And Wallace, please fuck the sh*t up! (Tycoon)
(04-11-1997 21:02:22 )
and as far as beliefs and stuff go... that is up to the idividual... but i don't think that it is far to be nasty about people in public!!! I think.... know radium and whizz are both nice guys! (robbe)
(04-11-1997 20:21:40 )
and as far as beliefs and stuff go... that is up to the idividual... but i don't think that it is far to be nasty about people in public!!! I think.... know radium and whizz are both nice guys! (robbe)
(04-11-1997 19:47:46 )
well if my humble opinion counts for anything... this place is getting way too serious! (robbe)
(04-11-1997 19:23:32 )
You mean the "damn" bunch of cyberstones? I don't see anything that points to Blasphemy. now if it said DAMNED that would be a different term. and maybe you should re-read your text, and others too for that matter, and you will come to the conclusion that it was YOU who started the name calling and the insults to others. So mr. Wallaby, I couldn't care less 8) (Whizzkid)
(04-11-1997 18:57:38 )
Remember a while ago we used to discuss some religious matters. I remember some dudes known as Radius, Whizzchild, and a lot of other creatures sayin' some thangs about respect and so on. Well, ever since those fuckers responsable for this wall did not, and I repeat, did not remove the one blasphemic word in their introduction to this wall. "Here's the ..." Gimme one reason for this double-hearted trick! Remove it man! Radium: you're learning. Skip the insulting parts for the sake of your good name. (M. Wallace)
(04-11-1997 17:00:02 )
Radium: I don't see the connection between reality and me... :) ah... well, at least I'm not talking in myself... Or am I? Yes I am. No I'm not! (Tycoon)
(04-11-1997 13:59:01 )
Oh well let's start a nice talk with myself ... i'm here anyway now... bore bore bore... ooh.... three times 'bore' .. not fair for the stats eh? :) (Strawhead)
(04-11-1997 13:09:40 )
So...... a wall....you know it hurts when you smack your head against it? .. well i dont :) (Strawhead)
(04-11-1997 13:06:22 )
Well, that's it for today. Now back to reality. No Tycoon, not you! :-) (Radium)
(03-11-1997 19:01:03 )
Holy Wally, lord of the ignorant, please keep adding the necessary contrast to this wall. Amen. (Radium)
(03-11-1997 18:59:29 )
M.Wallace: Your Opinon (Wonea)
(03-11-1997 16:45:26 )
Thanx guys. Radium, the worshippin' thang that's cool with me. Address your praise daily on this wall here. Bye. (M. Wallace)
(03-11-1997 13:34:28 )
Been there, too bad there's so little people using amiga's in this world. I don't think we'll ever reach more than 20.000 which is the lowest number already. and I didn't know Mustafa Kemal Ataturk lived in THIS century 8) (Whizzkid)
(03-11-1997 11:11:36 )
Vote for Jay Miner as the best builder of the century at http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/6344/time 100.htm (Tycoon)
(02-11-1997 15:42:43 )
Blacktop: guess what!! Singapore-Airport has got Internet!! Broke into a Workstation for a quick message! Say HI to the rest of the gang for me!!! C-YA in two weeks. MZZL (Drastix)
(01-11-1997 09:39:49 )
OK Wally, you rule. You're the best. Your ancient, unoriginal clone of the most obsolete philosophy available is the coolest around. I even think about spending the rest of my life to worship you. You're just too cool for me. So shut the fuck up, ok? (Radium)
(31-10-1997 18:33:19 )
Uhm, I didn't say I can't compete with you, I said I wasn't going to because there is no need. What is there to prove if I try to say something wiser than what you said. Different people have different values. so the wise comment of the one look like foolish gibberish to others. And as for making your mind up, YOU need to make up your mind, asking why people are hiding and then bringing the reason for them to hide. I don't follow you man, but I don't mind. 8P You just do your thang, but don't be surprised if some people object, or oppose your views. if they didn't they'd just become another 'crowd' with no views of their own. which is exactly what you already tell them that they are, and then you even try to push them further. (Whizzkid)
(31-10-1997 16:02:52 )
Hmmm. Quite a big deal Whizz, being happy the way you are. Well I must say on the other hand you got more style than a whole lot of others. Admitting you can't compete in my dare, that's style my guy. As for Radium, he seems to be a lot more ignorant. "we don't need this or that." Man, you can't make your own mind up! So stop speaking for others will ya? And where's the others? Are they hidin' away or something, like the people in the hoods hidin' away for what's goin'on in the streets? So that eventually the street will belong to the gangs? That's ok wit me. Cos I'm gonna invite some even more mean bad motherfuckers then me on this wall. You want that? Show yo faces! (M. Wallace)
(31-10-1997 15:57:08 )
check: <a href="http://www.projecta.net">Project A</a> (monkeybastard)
(31-10-1997 13:25:31 )
coolio (monkeybastard)
(31-10-1997 13:23:54 )
Ok, can we go back to the usual nonsense now? I don't need this crap in my spare time! (Tycoon)
(30-10-1997 22:32:21 )
Yawn. Sorry Wallace, but you seem to be a damn unpleasant guy. I hope, for the people surrounding you, that you're nicer in real life. By the way, I think Robbe is perfectly able to make up her own mind, just like we do. We don't need your propaganda-bull. (Radium)
(30-10-1997 18:16:12 )
And I don't use dirty language when I'm speaking to someone. (Whizzkid)
(30-10-1997 17:33:36 )
I don't need to prove myself wiser than you, I like myself the way I am, and I like others the way they are. I don't observe myself as beein superior to another. We're all equal so to speak. Ofcourse there are some who think they are better than others, I have pity on them for they are not truly content with who they are, or who everybody else is. (Whizzkid)
(30-10-1997 17:32:31 )
Well robbe, if nobody else keeps you informed, then I will. There has been a slight discussion on religious affairs on this wall. Lemme bring it down to this: I got attitude. I like to throw around some quotes that point people to their imperfectness. Some guys here don't like that. So what they basicly did was saying a whole fuckin' lot of bullshit. Just meaningless nonsense you know. Contents: "though wie ar nod religeois, we sertanly hav toughts." Well of course they didn't get any further with that. So I dared them motherfuckers to say something wiser then the quotes I use. And guess what? Ever since, nothing happened! So robbe, what's it gonna be? One of them or one of your own kind? Let them know man, they need it badly. (M. Wallace )
(30-10-1997 14:28:29 )
ok thats slaps for everyone else but tyc.... slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap... i could go on forever but i wont! (robbe)
(30-10-1997 10:52:43 )
Actually that's not true... I could not wait and I got my slaps elsewhere.. Sorry! (Tycoon)
(28-10-1997 22:13:37 )
You have so much trust in us robbe, Ofcourse we missed you! no one has been slapped in a long time on this wall! (Whizzkid)
(28-10-1997 21:32:51 )
ooooooo i haven't typed here for ages.... has anyone missed me??? i bet that no one has!!! it think that i will have to cry!!!!! (robbe)
(28-10-1997 16:40:36 )
Man! what's the shit about anyway? If I only had to believe in the less-harming theory on earth, that would be motherfuckin' easy. I'd be fluffy like a rabbit. But the Wallace-type ain't that kinda man. The Wallace-type most surely likes to harm. And whatever theory Myself Wallace may be believin, he'd still be that same ol' bad type. Wonea, I don't know who brought you to these ideas, but they suck. The plain Bible was NOT written in Latin. Should I go on? No, I'm not paying anymore attention to that kinda shit. Remember my dare guys! As for Nietzsche, he most surely did invent his own god. Lemme check him out again and I will tell ya. He came close. The dare goes on. (M. Wallace)
(28-10-1997 13:52:14 )
For me, religion is not important, I don't believe in a God, I believe in myself and the people that surround me, heck I even believe in the table that's in front of me right now. and I can even prove that they are there. 8) But for others the story may be different. that's their business. (Whizzkid)
(27-10-1997 18:05:20 )
hi rad! i got news from the atarimen, and it will cost me fl 179. i do not know if i want to pay this amount of money, but maybe it iz good value, i don't know. i am typing this while i am printing my favorite kate moss pictires at school, so i got to quit now, bye ! (mike.tv)
(27-10-1997 17:54:42 )
Our 50hz salesman is more right than ever. Time to zap to a better topic, because this wastes our precious time. (Radium)
(27-10-1997 17:24:16 )
and about your mentioning Freud - his theories are rather out-of-date (and what's wrong about following your instincts? don't you eat when you are hungry ?) - and i know and you know why M.Wallace ! (mike.tv)
(27-10-1997 15:21:06 )
read Nietsche, read Sade. end religion discussion. god is an invention of man, and there are lots of ways to make this statement hard. not scientifically 100% correct, but harder facts than proving that god exists. a nice research could be, to count the wrongs vs. the rights religion has fired up in our history. i bet that without religion, people would have rather the same positive values as (fi) christianity claims to have, and less violence over religious matters. wake up people, it is time to think sensibly. god does not solve your problems, it is you yourself and no-one else. repent. (mike.tv)
(27-10-1997 15:18:07 )
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