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Here's the damn' bunch of cyberstones it's all about.
M. Wallace: I know where your standing when your talking about people wanting to be ordinary, to fit in. I agree with you. I think the people who are arguing against you are not blind, but ignorant. Although I have said I think everyone must respect other peoples views, no matter how (un) extreme they are. (Wonea)
(22-10-1997 15:18:16 )
Look blacktop, exactly THAT kind of behaviour causes others to use other people's nick. geez, try and get a bit of decency on your wall and what do I get? (Whizzkid)
(22-10-1997 13:28:15 )
Volgens mij wil Wallace nu wel een password-system!!!HE HE HE<Heel erg sneaky lachje> (Blacktop)
(22-10-1997 12:47:15 )
I'm an Idiot i know.I'm an idiot I'm an idiot (M.Wallace)
(22-10-1997 12:46:23 )
Hoi tycoon (Blacktop)
(22-10-1997 12:45:38 )
RADIUM&WHIZZ:No to the password system.......Why?BECAUSE WHAT Kind of an IDIOT would want to use my name??????But on the other hand....now we can use wallace's handle?IDEA!!! WATCH ME!!! (Blacktop)
(22-10-1997 12:44:46 )
Godver.. bij reload gaat je tekst nog een keer de muur op... :( (Tycoon)
(22-10-1997 12:42:09 )
M.Wallace: If you really like citating books....first try to understand them and then citate them....Hum I also the bible is a bit to much for you....Let's start at "Dikie-Dik" and "Jip en Janneke"....If you read AND understand them MAYBE you'll be able to work your way up to better books like "The never ending story" or even better: "Sjakie en de Chocolade fabriek".........Until so far........Oh....Forgot to tell you....Roodkap exists more of truth than the Bible,So don't take "god's word" so serious...coz thiz guy is telling very bad fairytales then (EN NIET PEDAGOGISCH VERANTWOORD).....So who do you trust more?Charles Dickens or these couple of Guys With stupid names like "MOZES" 'or "JESUS"(Which are both excellent swearing words,by the way)who probably didn't even exist.........HMM?(ralph 06:95:00) (Blacktop)
(22-10-1997 12:41:38 )
Kijk, daar kan ik het nu helemaal mee eens zijn... (Tycoon)
(22-10-1997 12:41:01 )
therapy.xs4all.nl is offline (i hope) (Whaley)
(22-10-1997 12:39:44 )
Kijk, daar kan ik het nu helemaal mee eens zijn... (Tycoon)
(22-10-1997 12:37:49 )
OME TJS:Idiot! Istill have an amiga but it's still at "home"(for what ever that is),Sell my guitar?Never I love my ?Yahmaha and my Fender!!!Radium:Thanx Rad....I'd really appreciate it if you would take it with you next cc2000!!!Ok? C ya (Blacktop)
(22-10-1997 12:32:28 )
M.Wallace: Job,gedraag je alsjeblieft zo normaal als binnen je mentale bereik ligt,je begint nu te beledigend en te irritant te worden; Je noemt Whizz geen "Mother-fucker"(wat dat ook mag zijn).......Maar als jij kinds gaat doen: WAT JE ZEGT BEN JE ZELF NE NE NE Ne NE! (Blacktop)
(22-10-1997 12:29:34 )
By the way, I'd rather like to think for myself. I won't let sexual urge or Freuds theory lead me the way. Like they lead Whizzkids and Radiums way. So commenting them by Freud would not be in the line of my ideas. No, thinking for myself I have come to one other conclusion. The lack of respect for "the voice of one that's calling in the desert" and the ultimate shallowness of their arguments, as used to keep wisdom out of their lives, makes me wanna say something different: You're just some poor bastard. But hey, I motherfuckin' won't judge you guys by that. I just don't take them guys seriously. What ya got left suckers? (M. Wallace)
(22-10-1997 10:10:17 )
Thinking for one's self huh? Whizzkids wish for others to act like "normal human beings" is clearly a wish of sombody who's afraid to think for himself. I believe in psychology that phenomenon is called "Conformation." It means the craving to be ordinary. But also, and now I'll be quoting mister Freud, "the fear of being special. Being special reduces the chance of being liked by normal females. Therefore, being special reduces the chance of multiplication. Conformists do not like that." So, appearantly Whizzkid is in need of a good shag badly. Hey, I'm not guessing here; I'm just interpreting his words like Freud would do. Whizz, you're a dirty motherfucker! And it's a pity you felt the need to let all of us know in such a transparant way! (M. Wallace)
(22-10-1997 09:55:37 )
NO (Sinterklaas)
(21-10-1997 22:21:47 )
Yeah I agree. so that's 2 against already, more ? (Whizzkid)
(21-10-1997 18:27:22 )
As simple AS possible, of course. (Radium)
(21-10-1997 18:24:07 )
I don't like a password-system, because the wall only works when it's as simple of possible to write something on it. (Radium)
(21-10-1997 18:23:32 )
Well, mrWallace has improved his language a bit, only a few swearwords left, it won't be long and he will probably be able to speak just like any other normal human beeing! (Whizzkid)
(21-10-1997 17:18:07 )
Sure why not, give ol' whizz a bit more to do. 8) I could do that, password 'n stuff, but would people like it? HEY PEOPLE, WOULD YOU LIKE IT?? Lemme know YES or NO and I will or won't implement it in the ffffffabulous wall. (Whizzkid)
(21-10-1997 17:16:48 )
Here is an IDEA!!, how about a password system to stop people using your name, bloody GOOD IDEA!!! Ya Yaarrr (Wonea)
(21-10-1997 16:40:22 )
Radium: the song (Wonea)
(21-10-1997 16:39:00 )
Radium: Yeh, its the same with me. It is a good feeling making a song, although when I hear it the next day, I usually hate it (Wonea)
(21-10-1997 16:37:59 )
Blacktop: I'll print it right away, OK? (Radium)
(21-10-1997 16:24:11 )
Wonea: Yep, I'm a tracker addict sometimes, and shit, I like it ;) (Radium)
(21-10-1997 16:22:52 )
Quoting the Bible, the book preaching ultimate hypocracy, is a sign of the inability to think by yourself. (Radium, 6:66) (Radium)
(21-10-1997 16:21:51 )
Wally: The best shrink I can think of, when I look at your case, will be a certain Freud. Sigmund Freud. He sure knows a lot about people like you, unable to express their feelings without constantly being suffered by sexual frustrations. (Radium)
(21-10-1997 16:19:46 )
Is anyone here a tracker addict? (Wonea)
(21-10-1997 16:09:39 )
Radium: You don't by chance know of a patch for operating system, to allow you to have VGA screen on the early startup-sequence, because its Reeeeeeeaaaly annoying me having to get my TV hooked up (Wonea)
(21-10-1997 16:08:28 )
Radium: Shame about the delay there having, I want one for 1200 but with the 030 socket, can't wait!. Just think nnnnnnoooo slow down just pure silk in a computer operating system. (Wonea)
(21-10-1997 16:06:07 )
BlackTop: Sell that guitar then! :) (Ome Ijs)
(21-10-1997 12:59:44 )
Radium: DON'T FORGET to print my anarchistic NIJNTJE....Remember the file name?No?Ranarnijn.??? I guess .... Please don't dissappoint me...ok? (Blacktop)
(21-10-1997 12:16:10 )
Whizz: Not exactly homeless....but awfully close....well,at least i have my guitar......but I miss my Ami SOOOOO much........ (Blacktop)
(21-10-1997 12:12:26 )
Uhm.... M.Wallace............stop citating the bible.....if you want to talk about that and your mental problems go to the yehova's. I hear they have a beautifull new club-house....where you can play games and have a(soft)drink.....and chat about the world's problems(in wich you play a big role)and than go out and be nice to everyone.....you only have to give up your birthday and if you should accendentally be shot in your liver,you can't have a new one?So that's the choice.....shut up or go to the yehova's(gees,that's even worse than dead sentence).... (Blacktop)
(21-10-1997 12:10:23 )
Back again. Here it is: "And all your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And on my servants I will pour out in those days of my blessings, and they shall prophesy." (Acts 2: 17,18) Really. (M. Wallace)
(21-10-1997 10:03:18 )
Hi guys. I wonder. I JUST wonder how somebody could even think about me needin'a fuckin'shrink. Can you recommand me a shrink Radium? Are you a man that speaks from experience? Is there a certain shrink that really helped you? Well I won't leave you with that illusion: Go back there and ask your money back. You've been set up man. I mean really set up. But we was talkin' 'bout Wallace. No. I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that I've been blessed with clarity of mind. Therefore, I am more able than anyone to tell who needs what. Just lemme look it up in the Bible for ya. Be back soon. (M. Wallace)
(21-10-1997 09:55:09 )
Black, awww are you homeless? 8) hihi (Whizzkid)
(20-10-1997 15:38:27 )
Oh jeez.. it's terrible! (Whaley)
(20-10-1997 14:40:51 )
Uhm,I gotaa confess....I send him to this site,hopong you would help him Laurens.....Maybe he could come in my homeless shelter..... (Blacktop)
(20-10-1997 14:34:55 )
Hey Wally... if you need a shrink, then just say so and we'll find one for you, OK? (Radium)
(20-10-1997 13:42:52 )
Well, since I've been gone there's been a lot of motherfuckin' guessing about the intentions of the one and only me. Lemme get clear with you guys. One: How the fuck did somebody get the impression I would be a rapper? A gangsta I am. The Gospel is true. But a fucking rapper.... No way. Cos I don't like those joint-sucking think they cool think they know assholes. Two. Even more I don't like the kind of language these wannabees use. You fuckin'gotta use them words right man. Three. Anyone using further blasphemic language will be known as "Really Fucked-up Emptyhead" and will no longer be taken seriously. Like in the Commands: "Thou shalt not use My name in vain so that your days shall be lengthened in the land the Lord God giveth you." (M. Wallace)
(20-10-1997 10:31:13 )
Hey guys, new at the site Keep me informed okay?! (Cat)
(19-10-1997 17:03:05 )
Get on my wall (Cat)
(19-10-1997 17:01:21 )
Dang that script! I hope the format will take the change, Date/Time formatting isn't very supported in HTX 8( I'll try monday (Whizzkid)
(18-10-1997 22:08:25 )
Hey Whizz....there is a litlle boo-boo in your script......the time of my previous is wrong.....it says:16:2....it should be 16:02!!!!!Well...let anarchy and "Oops-perfection" rule the world now ok.? (Blacktop)
(18-10-1997 16:05:51 )
Hi everyone!Did you miss me?Yesterday I went to "Atari Teenage Riot" in "De Melkweg" well,my ears are bashed and my eyes are flashed!Wow,what a concert.....actually there was a complete party called "Total Anarchy"......Really cool music.......Gotta go now (Blacktop)
(18-10-1997 16:02:43 )
Yawn, just after one, and I'm already up geez (Whizzkid)
(18-10-1997 13:04:25 )
/me is a little afraid of the last 2 characters in that abbreviation :P I want a Cyberstorm damnit! Why does the MkII have to be sold out.. Now I have to wait till November.. AAaaaaaargh! That's muchos too longos :( (Tycoon)
(17-10-1997 13:01:46 )
Wonea: No PPC here, yet. :-( (Radium)
(16-10-1997 21:34:17 )
Collin: Well ain't that a bummer? you want me to change it AGAIN?? (Whizzkid)
(16-10-1997 18:13:07 )
Any of you guys got PPC accelarator (Wonea)
(16-10-1997 17:24:09 )
Euuhhhmmmmm Hey whiz.. did you now my name was Collin van Ginkel really? It doesnt fit.... :-) (Collin van Ginke)
(16-10-1997 17:19:24 )
Euuhhhmmmmm Hey whiz.. did you now my name was Collin van Ginkel really? It doesnt fit.... :-) (Collin van Ginke)
(16-10-1997 17:19:23 )
Yo cool.... My name fits on the wall... Thnx whizz you're the greatest coder ever!!!!! (Collin de Bollin)
(16-10-1997 17:18:35 )
i'll be on IRC friday (tomorrow) 'till 21:00 BE THERE!! (Shag)
(16-10-1997 16:59:40 )
i'll be on IRC friday (tomorrow) 'till 21:00 BE THERE!! (Shag)
(16-10-1997 16:54:13 )
Ok, so I was wrong 8) (Whizzkid)
(16-10-1997 16:16:35 )
/me thinks robbe will write here next (Whizzkid)
(16-10-1997 16:06:11 )
Me thinks peeps shouldnt WHINE 8) heheh I could do 30 or something, but then you guys will just say ' hey whizzz scale the wall, I can't see' coz someone entered a name like 'yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' 8) (Whizzkid)
(16-10-1997 13:58:36 )
hmm.. 14 seems to be enough :) (RadiumDePadiummm)
(16-10-1997 13:48:07 )
Wow Whizz, that's a big improvement man! (Tycoon)
(16-10-1997 12:41:55 )
Collin: It's fixed, why do you choose a name which is longer than 15 chars then? 8) maxlength is now 16! especially for collin de bolliN 8) (Whizzkid)
(16-10-1997 12:32:06 )
You guys are the averagist (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:27:29 )
Ahem, any got a AMiGA, HAAA!!! HAAA!! (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:26:54 )
Ahem, any got a AMiGA, HAAA!!! HAAA!! (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:24:44 )
The joker isn't in town, I just hired him to paint this wall (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:23:34 )
The joker isn't in town, I just hired him to paint this wall (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:23:26 )
Amigaz Rulez 4 forever (incoming english translation) "the AMIGA is a computer that is good" (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:21:46 )
Eau vous de PC de crap, de PC bulls**t HHHHAAA!!! HHHHAAA!!!HHHHAAA!!! HHHHAAA!!!HHHHAAA!!! HHHHAAA!!! (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:20:06 )
(15-10-1997 18:18:44 )
Haaaaa!!!! HAAAA!!!!! (Wonea)
(15-10-1997 18:18:08 )
WHY DOESN'T COLLIN DE BOLLIN FIT IN THE NAMEBOX???? Go fix that martijn!!!!!! (Collin de Bolli)
(15-10-1997 17:19:33 )
Yeah, go there, vote YES EVERYONE! amiga NEEDS ICQ! it rulez, makes my pc work a lot less unpleasant! GO NOW! (Whizzkid)
(15-10-1997 08:46:10 )
Impressive is not the word for it.. come to http://www.mcmedia.com.au/amigaicq/ and see for youself.. we'll get this ported to Amiga if it kills us.. , well not if it kills us.. But you get the idea... :) (LoOnYDuDe)
(15-10-1997 08:43:17 )
Nice design indeed! (Mike)
(15-10-1997 08:20:08 )
Yup, another one who has found the joy and wonder of the CUT&Paste technology 8) (Whizzkid)
(14-10-1997 18:16:23 )
laughin' hiz head off, that wonea (mike.tv)
(14-10-1997 16:03:25 )
Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA hA ha HA Ha Ha HA h (Wonea)
(14-10-1997 15:14:35 )
Nice Head, on top of that mountain (Wonea)
(14-10-1997 15:11:15 )
Hi (Wonea)
(14-10-1997 15:09:41 )
Hi (Wonea)
(14-10-1997 15:08:23 )
radium-> nou laurens leuke homepage heb je zeg, daar is ook niet veel meer van over, ik wou trouwens wel willen weten wat je favoriete voedsels zijn (ijsthee?). en wat jammer dat je prachtige plaatje van jezelf er niet meer op staat. vanavond zal ik nog wel wat meer commentaar geven (vooral op de linkwerk-site, want de teksten daar zijn af en toe wel om te huilen zo karig ! ik heb trouwens wel kromgelegen over de site van 'het bedrijf', erg grappig. ik hoop dat echte directeuren met sigaren er ook zo om kunnen lachen als ik, anders kunnen jullie linkwerk wel opdoeken. OOPS->well, nice to get such a quick response about my proposition to do an official oops party. well, it is your crew, so take the initiative to be cewl, and we (quick & brite) are willing to perform for you at a very reasonable price. as you probably have noticed, i am again trying to climb my way up the wall of fame and i am getting to it quite well. ok, our ganstapreache (mike tv)
(14-10-1997 14:27:00 )
grrooowl (Leon the fierce)
(14-10-1997 14:20:15 )
Weepee! it's cold again.. no more T-shirts :( (Shag)
(14-10-1997 14:04:32 )
Oops! party.. hmmm... I would not come... bunch of boring people... Especially that... What's his name... erm.. Typhoon or something.. :P (Tycoon)
(14-10-1997 12:39:36 )
You don't need eyes to see, You need a vision (Dromer)
(14-10-1997 12:06:17 )
Help, I have terrible hickups, Guru jan, where are you when I need you!? (Whizzkid)
(13-10-1997 20:13:58 )
The first oops! party? hihi We already had several, unfortunately only for the oops members. But hey, maybe we can start something here. Something like ehm The Gathering, but larger and more fun? 8) hihi Hey everyone who would like to be present at an oops! party? 8) (Whizzkid)
(13-10-1997 20:10:56 )
radium -> can i come along to your place this evening, so we can update the homepage ? would be nice ! call me or something (i probably call you) + it would be nice to play at a demo-party (i think) because you mentioned this some time ago (that there was a techno-band playing at a party) it would be naiz... maybe at (the first?) oops party ?? mike tv sendz hiz apologies to everyone who was offended by his rantings....http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q &b (we got swedish hits, rad!) Mike TV signin' off C64-style! (mike.tv)
(13-10-1997 14:36:36 )
Rad: well... hmmm... I was surprised when I woke up in the train today. I must have forgotten to go to my work. It even seems that I went to Infant's birthday, but I can not remember anything about that! (Tycoon)
(12-10-1997 20:59:38 )
Hiya, just rebuilt my private homepage, so if you just wanted to commit suicide or something: don't miss it. (Radium)
(12-10-1997 19:27:27 )
Tyc: Do we have to be surprised now? ;-) (Radium)
(12-10-1997 13:02:14 )
Aaaaaaaaaaargh! It is Saturday night and guess where I am... I am still at my work!!! Am I a real sicko or what?!?!? (Tycoon)
(11-10-1997 19:16:32 )
Sorry Robbe, Whizzkid forced me to act the way I did. I had no choice ;) (Radium)
(10-10-1997 19:05:02 )
Forget about me, I'm an illusion. (Radium, 1:2) (God)
(10-10-1997 19:04:06 )
Hey fucking man, yoyo you know what I'm saying man, God fucking rules motherfucking man, etcetera. (Gospsta-Rappa)
(10-10-1997 19:03:02 )
Am I wrong or does our beloved Wallace want to be a Gospel-Gangsta-rapper or something? (Radium)
(10-10-1997 19:01:17 )
Hey Robbe, at least radium sdidn't REEEEEALLY mean it, I mean, we just updated the wall with the new 'see what this guy has ever written' and the date 'n time thing. so he was just testing if it worked. 8) maybe that's some comfort for you 8) hihi (Whizzkid)
(10-10-1997 17:24:08 )
Can you imagine how cool people are who can write whole stories without ever using a nasty word? (and btw, robbe is a SHE 8) hihi (Whizzkid)
(10-10-1997 17:22:48 )
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