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oops (Radium)
02-02-2008 17-26-52)
de diepvries is het ultieme recoverylab (wel veilig, dus eerst in een zakje) (radium)
08-09-2006 23-25-22)
prutsboek. ik word niet eens genoemd. (radium)
25-08-2006 18-29-34)
vakantie is voor mietjes! (radium)
20-01-2006 14-39-03)
wie dit leest is geen scener meer (radium)
12-01-2006 16-11-18)
Ik ben gek (Radium)
07-01-2006 10-41-12)
www.geocities.com/magicnah/magicnah.html schrijf wat leuks op zijn wall/gastboek ;-) (Radium)
10-07-2005 10-06-51)
Strohoofd? Wauw. Goeie ouwe tijd. Je let een paar jaar niet helemaal op en voor je het weet zitten ze hier met z'n allen demoscenetje te spelen. (Radium)
20-11-2004 13-32-19)
Al is het pijltje nog zo snel, het gaatje dat komt er wel. (Radium)
10-09-2003 20-26-00)
ha! (radium)
12-06-2003 00-38-57)
nog wel wat voor gedaan worden, cijfermatig, (Radium)
01-11-2002 09-47-46)
oh, niks hoor *grin* (Radium)
31-10-2002 14-09-25)
Rustig aan Icarusje, zo lang is het nou ook wer niet gleden dat je de boel mocht dichthouden daaronder (Radium)
31-10-2002 14-08-22)
dag kinders. hier de here radium maar weer eens. leuke site, dit. :) (radium)
30-01-2001 12-24-29)
hey mietjes, groeten uit New York zittie! (Radium)
01-07-1999 20-24-18)
Net als vroeger. (Radium)
23-12-1998 21-22-24)
Kom ik ook meedoen, magic afzeiken. (Radium)
23-12-1998 21-22-12)
Was helemaal vergeten dat jullie nog hier zaten en zo... gezellig! (Radium)
23-12-1998 21-21-55)
Poep is vies, net als pies en hop, weer een gedicht (Radium)
23-12-1998 21-21-07)
WAHAHAHAH (radium)
20-11-1998 01-24-55)
by the way, wouldn't it be a great idea to add html-functionality here? (radium)
20-11-1998 01-24-41)
(yes i've been rather dead for a while, so I'm re-exploring this site eheheh... I might even update it before the end of the year... what about putting beeps 2 online ehehehehe) ... sorry, it's really sad... :) ... i've even been ehm... removed from my demoscene webmaster job because of my high level of doingnothingness... well ok at least I still visit the toilet on time, each day. (radium)
20-11-1998 01-23-06)
hey, this is cool... an internet-wall! woohoo now I'm gonna type all kinds of words here... great... (radium)
20-11-1998 01-20-58)
phew... valt niet mee hoor, met zo'n trage verbinding een beetje fatsoenlijk een zin bouwen. (radium)
24-08-1998 22-06-44)
heey (radium)
24-08-1998 22-05-07)
iso, (radium)
24-08-1998 22-04-18)
we (radium)
24-08-1998 22-02-53)
gaan (radium)
24-08-1998 22-01-53)
niet (radium)
24-08-1998 22-00-29)
leuk (radium)
24-08-1998 21-59-24)
doen (radium)
24-08-1998 21-57-59)
he? (radium)
24-08-1998 21-57-00)
zeg (radium)
24-08-1998 21-56-35)
Mediawar indeed, vet hakken hierzo. (Radium)
14-08-1998 19-25-42)
Amiga-eikels, allemaal doodschieten die lui! (Radium)
08-08-1998 16-29-31)
Ik leef nog. (Radium)
28-07-1998 14-05-32)
I dunno his name, but for fuck's sake, it wasn't Magic anyway :-) (Radium)
22-07-1998 18-42-43)
ehehe... sorry (Radium)
22-07-1998 16-27-07)
Collo, ik mis je! sniff ... NOT! HAHAHAHAHA (Radium)
22-07-1998 16-26-34)
I thought a group website was meant to provide info about the group, not about the editor of the texts. (Radium)
22-07-1998 16-25-51)
Hey Magic, the text on the site sucks! It mentions you've been main-editor of diskmagazines, it mentions you wrote almost all the texts on the site, and finally, it mentions you AGAIN because you think the world wants to know you're the only dutch member. (Radium)
22-07-1998 16-24-44)
Naja, dat maakt ook allemaal geen donder uit. Na de vakantie schiet het sowieso weer lekker op allemaal, dus waar zeiken we over nietwaar? (Radium)
20-07-1998 23-42-44)
Precies zoals ik verwacht had :-) (Radium)
20-07-1998 23-41-55)
Ik heb net test1 ontvangen, maar verder helemaal niets nada noppo etc ... maar zoals stephan al zegt: ik wil reisverslagen horen! of is er daar geen fuck aan ofzo? (Radium)
20-07-1998 00-13-40)
E-mail? Ik heb helemaal geen e-mail gehad! We gaan niet selectief mensen overslaan he collo? Yo iso trouwens :-) ... oh en dat weer... tsja, de heere heeft ermee gewacht tot collo pleite was denk ik :-) (Radium)
19-07-1998 18-04-30)
Yo Collo... tuurlijk heb ik die gehad.. die van jou komen toch altijd aan? (Radium)
18-07-1998 11-13-09)
Yeah, you're not even allowed to promote non-oops! stuff on OUR wall, period. :-) (Radium)
05-02-1997 01-04-37)
BLUSWATER! Als hij wel zou werken dan zou je merken dat er sinds de crash nog geen nieuw stats script is! Komt wel weer. (Radium)
25-03-1997 11-56-33)
Yep, and Radium is me. So what? (Radium)
24-03-1997 17-40-44)
Iso is een eenzame spuiter (Radium)
22-03-1997 13-12-38)
Ik ben een lief jongetje die gek is op dolfijnen (Radium)
21-04-1997 14-04-55)
Whizzkid did, with Lightwave (Radium)
20-04-1997 11-19-02)
<h1>this rules :-)</h1> (Radium)
12-04-1997 20-35-25)
<img src="http://oops.in.nl/pix/oopsonline.gif "> (Radium)
12-04-1997 20-34-24)
<img src="oops.in.nl/pix/oopsonline.gif" border=0> (Radium)
12-04-1997 14-48-02)
Je guestbook een Wall (tm)(r)(c) durven noemen, dat is nog eens slim. (Radium)
26-02-1997 03-12-00)
Poep! (Radium)
09-02-1997 18-54-57)
Welcome back to the wall! (Radium)
21-01-1997 20-07-52)
Onkruid vergaat niet ;) (Radium)
18-11-1997 12-24-48)
uhhuh, yeah whizzkid, you and I are cool, aren't we? :) (Radium)
17-11-1997 21-34-56)
Is the wall dead? No? Start to write then! (Radium)
17-11-1997 11-27-26)
Tycoon: Cool! I think I order a "dusty orchid" model! (Radium)
15-11-1997 23-07-34)
Robbe: I'm able to be nice to and about other people, but some people get on my nerves, and then I'll bite. I told you I was mean ;) (Radium)
13-11-1997 18-23-42)
Shag: Cool, I'll check my mailbox then! (Radium)
13-11-1997 12-41-00)
Look, Wally just discovered that his life is boring! We made it! (Radium)
12-11-1997 15-31-33)
Blacktop: Get your AnarchyNijntje now! I just gave it to my bro tonight. (Radium)
12-11-1997 01-09-13)
OK vette stoerpraat kan ik natuurlijk ook: I'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher... There is no other... I'm the one and only dominator! (Human Resource, long ago, and Radium, right now) (Radium)
12-11-1997 01-07-55)
Wally: You don't have an easy life, I try to understand your motives... living in Harderwijk can cause serious mental problems, and you don't seem to be able to solve them on your own. It's good to have a world-wise-wall for that. Just thank me. And Whizz. (Radium)
12-11-1997 01-04-38)
Yo Wally! Fuck you and your hopeless imagination! I'm licking no-one's ass, I'm only showing you that you, your primitive philosophy and your repetitive junk messages bore me. Do I sound like Whizz? Too bad, honey, you might just bore him as well. (Radium)
12-11-1997 01-00-36)
Well... with the necessary surgery... :) (Radium)
09-11-1997 21-19-27)
Tycoon: I love you :) (Radium)
09-11-1997 16-44-53)
How sweet of you, Wally, you know Roxette song texts, and you have the fantastic capability to use them in your rantings! You just hit the #1 spot in the quote-charts. You rule, boy. (Radium)
07-11-1997 11-07-02)
Wally: I feel sorry for you. So much anger, and only a tiny little wall to spoil your frustrated view of the world. (Radium)
07-11-1997 11-04-22)
Robbe: Don't worry about our little Don Quichot (fighting against evil walls instead of windmills, what the heck) ... I'd rather see a typo than a bible quote. :) (Radium)
06-11-1997 20-35-30)
The "damn bunch of cyberstones" is (guess) my term, and I have thoroughly examined all other options before I chose it to be THE term. And you prove I was right! Wow, I'm a genius! And a god damned funny one, too! (Radium)
06-11-1997 20-32-30)
You don't understand it Wally. I don't even have to try. I'm just the most funny entity ever. We might start another discussion to get rid of your masochist definition of having fun, by the way, but I'm afraid people will laugh themselves to death then. (Radium)
06-11-1997 20-29-11)
Wallace: The Wall was meant to have FUN with, don't forget that. People who are incapable of having fun should protect their image by deciding not to write here. Except me, of course, because I'm funny by nature. (Radium)
05-11-1997 13-07-31)
Well, that's it for today. Now back to reality. No Tycoon, not you! :-) (Radium)
03-11-1997 19-01-03)
Holy Wally, lord of the ignorant, please keep adding the necessary contrast to this wall. Amen. (Radium)
03-11-1997 18-59-29)
OK Wally, you rule. You're the best. Your ancient, unoriginal clone of the most obsolete philosophy available is the coolest around. I even think about spending the rest of my life to worship you. You're just too cool for me. So shut the fuck up, ok? (Radium)
31-10-1997 18-33-19)
Yawn. Sorry Wallace, but you seem to be a damn unpleasant guy. I hope, for the people surrounding you, that you're nicer in real life. By the way, I think Robbe is perfectly able to make up her own mind, just like we do. We don't need your propaganda-bull. (Radium)
30-10-1997 18-16-12)
Our 50hz salesman is more right than ever. Time to zap to a better topic, because this wastes our precious time. (Radium)
27-10-1997 17-24-16)
Blacktop: I can only give AnarchyNijn to him after I've been in Harderwijk again, since I have it here in Amersfoort. Will probably be tuesday or wednesday, when I do some Linkwerk work in H'wijk. OK? (Radium)
27-10-1997 10-25-32)
You see Wally, it's not christianity itself that's the problem here; it's the way people abuse it to validate their arrogance. (Radium)
24-10-1997 19-47-46)
The most recent bible-quote perfectly illustrates the way in which the Bible causes and continuously supports the problematic, arrogant, I-know-it-better-than-silly-silly-you image christianity has given itself. I spit on that! (Radium)
24-10-1997 19-43-18)
To explain it once again: continuously quoting texts that are highly questionable because they are based on religious perceptions is a way of being arrogant. Forget it, I'm not a lost sheep, so respect my atheism in the way I normally respect christianity. (Radium)
24-10-1997 19-38-22)
Wally: I'm sorry for you, but it seems you've substantially misinterpreted my words. I'm not crawling back: my last comments didn't even mention your childish ways of expressing yourself, they were mentioning your arrogant attitude. (Radium)
24-10-1997 19-34-40)
Blacktop: I totally agree with you. The religion is not the point, everyone his own philosophy, but a lot of people view the world with their religious glasses: everyone with the same religion is superb, the others are less worth. Wallace's way of writing here is a brilliant example of such behaviour. Spit! (Radium)
23-10-1997 16-34-29)
It's not the size that counts, they always say, but I guess they don't mean text input areas by that :-) (Radium)
23-10-1997 16-31-25)
Whizz, can't we make a larger text-editing field? I keep making grammar errors because I can't easily see the rest of the sentence! (Radium)
23-10-1997 12-16-20)
I agree with Whizzkid, with one addition: I disrepect people continuously quoting the Bible. Quoting the Bible is religious propaganda, which is not what I'm looking for, since I could be called an atheist. By quoting religious texts, I'll feel the need to respond. Not because I disrespect religious people but because I disrespect the arrogant attitude some people think they can have because of their religion. Thanks. :-) (Radium)
23-10-1997 12-13-26)
Blacktop: I will take it to 2000 for you, no problem. (Radium)
22-10-1997 15-20-08)
As simple AS possible, of course. (Radium)
21-10-1997 18-24-07)
I don't like a password-system, because the wall only works when it's as simple of possible to write something on it. (Radium)
21-10-1997 18-23-32)
Blacktop: I'll print it right away, OK? (Radium)
21-10-1997 16-24-11)
Wonea: Yep, I'm a tracker addict sometimes, and shit, I like it ;) (Radium)
21-10-1997 16-22-52)
Quoting the Bible, the book preaching ultimate hypocracy, is a sign of the inability to think by yourself. (Radium, 6:66) (Radium)
21-10-1997 16-21-51)
Wally: The best shrink I can think of, when I look at your case, will be a certain Freud. Sigmund Freud. He sure knows a lot about people like you, unable to express their feelings without constantly being suffered by sexual frustrations. (Radium)
21-10-1997 16-19-46)
Hey Wally... if you need a shrink, then just say so and we'll find one for you, OK? (Radium)
20-10-1997 13-42-52)
Wonea: No PPC here, yet. :-( (Radium)
16-10-1997 21-34-17)
Hiya, just rebuilt my private homepage, so if you just wanted to commit suicide or something: don't miss it. (Radium)
12-10-1997 19-27-27)
Tyc: Do we have to be surprised now? ;-) (Radium)
12-10-1997 13-02-14)
Sorry Robbe, Whizzkid forced me to act the way I did. I had no choice ;) (Radium)
10-10-1997 19-05-02)
Am I wrong or does our beloved Wallace want to be a Gospel-Gangsta-rapper or something? (Radium)
10-10-1997 19-01-17)
Which reminds me of the passage "fuck all passages" (Radium 1:1) (Radium)
08-10-1997 23-23-03)
No sucker, you are de Paashaas. Get real, or get lost! (Radium)
08-10-1997 01-13-36)
De wol staat weer bol (Radium)
06-10-1997 20-06-36)
Raa raa raa dium dium dium (Radium)
06-10-1997 20-01-03)
Ben Rete Blij (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-58-28)
yup (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-54-49)
hopla (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-44-05)
Inmiddels zelfs al 19:23, wat gaattetijdtochsnelleh? (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-36-41)
Yep, it's 19:20 (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-34-03)
Hoplakee (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-33-13)
Time is 13 minutes ahead in time. (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-29-54)
Radium de padium eet vanillevladium. (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-26-54)
The wall is tall :) (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-21-43)
Cool Whizz, die datum :-) (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-18-07)
Maybe even "she GOT ill" ;) (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-17-14)
she BECAME ill, I think ;) (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-16-33)
mike tv: nope, I wasn't there... gl went ill, so I went home after work, to serve tea, opkikker and tissues. ;-) (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-15-43)
mike tv: nedstat is added. see http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b/ for the result. (Radium)
06-10-1997 19-13-48)
Psyco: Got WHAT? :-) (Radium)
05-10-1997 11-15-39)
Tyc: Yep, I think something is wrong with the wall-counter; you have written a looooot more here. (Radium)
02-10-1997 22-38-12)
Dat je het ff weet. Puh. (Radium)
02-10-1997 22-37-03)
Psyco: Whizzkid doet het vieze programmeerwerk, maar vergeet niet dat ik natuurlijk nog steeds zorg dat het er lekker uit ziet hier eh... :) (Radium)
02-10-1997 22-36-31)
I'm on IRC right now, so don't complain about me! :) (Radium)
28-09-1997 21-56-24)
MooMoo (Radium)
28-09-1997 21-50-11)
I saw the King! He lives! :) (Radium)
23-09-1997 22-20-52)
Aahahahahahah! Your PC will be cursed for the rest of your life, now that you sold your soul to the Dark Side! Amigas rule! :-) (Radium)
22-09-1997 20-29-22)
Never knew I could write that much on this silly subject anyway, eheh. (Radium)
19-09-1997 11-03-26)
I will even quit Oops! when a counter will be placed somewhere on these pages. :-) ... Visible counters suck! It's like... OK, this site is annoying, but LOOK AT HOW COOL WE ARE SINCE XXXXX PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HERE! Yuck! Get my point now? :-) (Radium)
19-09-1997 11-02-43)
And because Mr. Tycoon has always proven to be right in the past, I totally agree with him! :-) (Radium)
19-09-1997 11-00-34)
I don't want a counter on the oops! site!!! Or do we mean different things here? (Radium)
18-09-1997 22-39-02)
The Bible still sucks. (Radium)
17-09-1997 21-44-51)
Still unaple to sbell probably broberly, don't you Whizzkid? :-) (Radium)
17-09-1997 21-44-17)
Hi doodz, I'm back home again. Just heard that Oops! kinda ruled the Bizarre Amiga compos... why didn't they tell me we could actually participate ourselves? :) (Radium)
15-09-1997 00-23-00)
Hellööö... this is me, and I´m using a free internet terminal at the moment, somewhere in ex-east Berlin. I just visited the old fernseh-turm, which is 213 m high. Phew. By the way, what´s that cu-amiga thing about? Uhm... my mother and GuangLi are being bored now, so ehh... see ya. I´ll be back in Holland thursday-evening, but it will be quite late. Bye! (Radium)
09-09-1997 18-28-10)
Als Wallace EN Blacktop nou gewoon eens een hele week hun smoel houwen...? (Radium)
05-09-1997 19-30-40)
By the way, I prefer "too much", because it is gramatically correct. (Radium)
05-09-1997 00-27-57)
Useful is still written with only one "l". Har har, Blacktop is a dumb fool. (Radium)
05-09-1997 00-24-34)
Did anyone see blacktop the last couple of days? ;-) (Radium)
28-08-1997 20-49-11)
hoppaaaa (radium)
26-08-1997 12-06-52)
hoppaaaa (radium)
26-08-1997 12-03-28)
hoppaaaa (radium)
26-08-1997 11-57-31)
Ben ik zeker dubbelstoer? (Radium)
27-07-1997 15-59-04)
Ik dacht dat Tijn pas op woensdag trugkwam, of snap ik nou de dagen niet? (Radium)
21-07-1997 23-08-35)
IBM? They're quite cool. They're in the PowerPC project, so I like them :) (Radium)
21-07-1997 23-07-17)
Don't blame us, blame your last meal! (Radium)
20-07-1997 16-24-11)
Iso is een ouwe lul zonder fantasie :) (Radium)
16-07-1997 00-53-06)
I mean, you might be able to EXTRACT our stuff on a Wintel box, but RUNNING it will give quite some problems, eheheh... ;) (Radium)
06-07-1997 00-52-22)
Docs for LHA stuff? LHA is THE common file compression utility for the Amiga, and even PC users have their own LHA extraction tools. Better try to search more thoroughly, or mail me if you really can't find it. BTW, life sucks without an Amiga... :) (Radium)
06-07-1997 00-50-45)
Ah, you've found the exit. (Radium)
04-07-1997 11-47-03)
By the way, this whole site is authored on Amiga computers. The only thing we use a pc for is to run some things on the webserver, like this wall page and the releases page generator. (Radium)
03-07-1997 23-03-43)
Yeah! The fact that this wall is here is only because Amiga computers rule! (Radium)
03-07-1997 23-02-10)
Gefeliciteerd! (Radium)
03-07-1997 10-16-45)
GuangLi has just turned 22 now! Congratulate her: send an e-mail to guangli@dds.nl!!! (Radium)
03-07-1997 00-18-56)
Hmm... Wat een enorme eikels zitten er hier allemaal op de wall te sprayen zeg... :) (Radium)
02-07-1997 10-00-21)
Linx: Greet your feet! (Radium)
27-06-1997 19-56-45)
Bye robbe, good luck getting the modem to work. :) (Radium)
27-06-1997 19-47-07)
MMM-BAAAAAANG!!! You suck! (Radium)
27-06-1997 19-43-40)
Blurgh! (Radium)
26-06-1997 13-27-51)
Hmm... French... :) (Radium)
26-06-1997 10-24-38)
Elle jette les crevettes dans la poubelle. (Radium)
26-06-1997 10-24-17)
Fucking pizza? Naaaah. I'd rather eat one. (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-46-57)
Yes, I'm on top! (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-38-15)
Uhm... I only need to test it thoroughly.. eheh. uhm... yep, I have to :) (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-37-33)
Is this an impressive statement or what? (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-36-46)
Gonna click it now ;) (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-31-57)
Test #4 (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-31-14)
Test #3? (Radium )
25-06-1997 23-29-50)
Testing the new button again :) (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-26-57)
Testing the new button (Radium)
25-06-1997 23-25-22)
I think I like asslicking SOAB's ;) (Radium)
25-06-1997 01-11-33)
I'm hungry so I think I'll eat something. That's all I know now ;) (Radium)
24-06-1997 12-15-06)
I'm having fun (Radium)
22-06-1997 13-00-59)
And to nerds, of course. (Radium)
22-06-1997 10-14-02)
Nee, hoezo? Jij toch ook niet? :) (Radium)
17-06-1997 23-11-40)
Whoops, forgot to say "the" :)) (Radium)
14-06-1997 10-29-41)
Ralph: Just click on oops! banner at the bottom of the screen to send me e-mail. (Radium)
14-06-1997 10-29-17)
Ralph, use an E-MAIL program to mail your code. :) ... just pack it, attach it to the mail and send it through some high-speed wire! (Radium)
14-06-1997 10-28-24)
Lagge man (Radium)
12-06-1997 11-05-17)
Whizz: Just double it or something.... it doesn't cost any extra download time since it's only some text stuff, so why not? (Radium)
11-06-1997 12-06-59)
If Tycoon is not a painter, then what IS he? (Radium)
07-06-1997 19-18-15)
Thanks Shag, we like you :) (Radium)
06-06-1997 01-51-37)
Attention! The wall is now able to AUTO-RELOAD after adding a comment! (Radium)
05-06-1997 18-58-39)
Ohnee aan juist (Radium)
05-06-1997 18-46-11)
Mijn cache is uit (Radium)
05-06-1997 18-45-57)
Disco roels! (Radium)
05-06-1997 18-44-28)
Typos suck (Radium)
31-05-1997 01-00-00)
Impressive statements are not for the moment, theyt are for ever. Tsk tsk. (Radium)
31-05-1997 01-00-00)
Radium de Padium, dat rijmt egwel (Radium)
26-05-1997 01-00-00)
Shit on my head, I have brown hairs anyway (Radium)
23-05-1997 01-00-00)
ik ben echt wel een dikke sukkel haha (Radium)
23-05-1997 01-00-00)
Let's say oops! together (Radium)
23-05-1997 01-00-00)
Well whizzkid, I couldn't do it better myself ;)))) (Radium)
23-05-1997 01-00-00)
The others don't have the guts to write something down here. Puh. (Radium)
23-05-1997 01-00-00)
The Wall Does It All! (Radium)
23-05-1997 01-00-00)