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Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall. Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall.
i live! (mike.tv)
17-11-2009 12-56-36)
what a complete bunch af assholes those MSK people. i don't even give the link here because it is ust too bad for words what they have done. they deserve to be mailbombed! while you are reading this, stop by at www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b quick & brite's mediawar (mike.tv)
27-03-1997 14-40-11)
some namedropping: check out quick & brite's updated site, made by mike.tv/quick & brite and radium/oops at http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b (mike.tv)
07-03-1997 17-24-25)
hi ! ... bye ! (mike.tv)
23-02-1997 12-40-24)
the wall iz dead (mike.tv)
26-01-1997 17-50-42)
i menat http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b ofcourse! (mike.tv)
26-01-1997 17-46-49)
ah this wall iz crap ! (crepe?) ;-) only joking. visit http://www.eruonet.nl/~lrvk/q&b to see what radium can do to homepage and to listen to music by quick & brite (mike.tv)
26-01-1997 13-27-24)
keeps the wall alive! (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-48-06)
three ! he scores ! (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-40-19)
two (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-39-57)
one (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-39-45)
hey, i'm just trying to beat wallace from the highs, so three more messages and i passed him (ha) (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-39-24)
first, radium is responding in no-time, and then all is silent... well, in the meantime i will announce the release of a very nice 12" record called 'postmodernism 2' by quick & brite. it will be out on the 12th of december and it can be orderded from then on by mail and internet. just keep the url http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b in mind and you will know the details. thank you. mike signin' off (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-37-43)
i will reveal Wallace's identity if he doesn't quit whining ! (hehehe now THAT's blackmail !) (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-35-13)
> wij zijn DOL op hokjes ! < (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-33-57)
toch erg handig zo'n klokje, want dan weet ik precies de tijd. de klokjes op de comps hier op de universiteit staan nl ALTIJD verkeerd, leuk he ! daar leg je dan die twee en een halve groene flappen voor neer! staan de klokjes niet eens goed ! for the people who cannot speak dutch, and think they are missing some important point: you are not missing anything but whining about computers. mike tv and hiz tb-303 (the real one) signin' off c64-style towards http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q&b (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-33-16)
why is everybody so uptight about being nice to each other ? a bit of argument just stirs up this lonely wall ! (mike.tv)
17-11-1997 12-29-20)
nevermind, i'm out! (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-51-39)
h0ken ! (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-51-15)
i got pictures of the mc-505 ! just search with altavista and it's the first record! (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-37-33)
damn, i have the feeling that radium isn't going to show up today, well he's paying to do this and i do this for free (i mean surfin the net) (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-35-02)
that's strange .. if i hit 'reload' my message is sent over and over again ! (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-32-40)
dear old mike knows exatcly what tycoon is talking about... *sigh* (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-32-10)
dear old mike knows exatcly what tycoon is talking about... *sigh* (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-31-56)
dear old mike knows exatcly what tycoon is talking about... *sigh* (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-30-56)
hi radium i am online right now. any time to chat maybe ?? (mike.tv)
10-11-1997 13-29-29)
hi rad! i got news from the atarimen, and it will cost me fl 179. i do not know if i want to pay this amount of money, but maybe it iz good value, i don't know. i am typing this while i am printing my favorite kate moss pictires at school, so i got to quit now, bye ! (mike.tv)
27-10-1997 17-54-42)
and about your mentioning Freud - his theories are rather out-of-date (and what's wrong about following your instincts? don't you eat when you are hungry ?) - and i know and you know why M.Wallace ! (mike.tv)
27-10-1997 15-21-06)
read Nietsche, read Sade. end religion discussion. god is an invention of man, and there are lots of ways to make this statement hard. not scientifically 100% correct, but harder facts than proving that god exists. a nice research could be, to count the wrongs vs. the rights religion has fired up in our history. i bet that without religion, people would have rather the same positive values as (fi) christianity claims to have, and less violence over religious matters. wake up people, it is time to think sensibly. god does not solve your problems, it is you yourself and no-one else. repent. (mike.tv)
27-10-1997 15-18-07)
laughin' hiz head off, that wonea (mike.tv)
14-10-1997 16-03-25)
radium -> can i come along to your place this evening, so we can update the homepage ? would be nice ! call me or something (i probably call you) + it would be nice to play at a demo-party (i think) because you mentioned this some time ago (that there was a techno-band playing at a party) it would be naiz... maybe at (the first?) oops party ?? mike tv sendz hiz apologies to everyone who was offended by his rantings....http://www.euronet.nl/~lrvk/q &b (we got swedish hits, rad!) Mike TV signin' off C64-style! (mike.tv)
13-10-1997 14-36-36)