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Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall. Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall.
Any wild guesses for my true identity? :^) (Stalker)
12-04-2000 08-58-45)
too late. BWEGH! (Stalker)
23-03-2000 10-52-29)
Can someone kindly direct me to the toilets please? I ate it. (Stalker)
21-03-2000 20-00-59)
I'm confusing myself (Stalker)
16-03-2000 11-01-01)
No i'm not (Stalker)
16-03-2000 11-00-01)
I am stalker. (Stalker)
15-03-2000 17-08-09)
Stalker did it, stalker rules. (Stalker)
14-03-2000 21-22-39)
Why are you, so damn Dutch.. (Stalker)
14-03-2000 21-15-50)
Stalker says: DIE! (Stalker)
14-03-2000 19-20-39)
Why do I have trouble believing that Tycoon.. (Stalker)
13-03-2000 23-28-46)
Tycoon admits.. Hmm.. Well then Tycoon, you have been found guilty of (Stalker)
11-03-2000 23-27-53)
Absolutely. And who did it? Tycoon? (Stalker)
11-03-2000 00-47-49)
Congratulations Tycoon.. Yes I know everything.. I'm a stalker remember? (Stalker)
10-03-2000 13-33-03)
Whoever it was, I'm sure he regrets it.. Who is Tycoon? (Stalker)
07-03-2000 21-55-43)
I am still alive. (Stalker)
08-01-2000 13-58-59)
You forgot me Mr. tycoon. How could you? Without me you would still be at 997. (Stalker)
20-12-1999 21-12-32)
I have no idea. Why don't you eat it for a change? (Stalker)
16-12-1999 15-29-19)
Hey, I'm the stalker, I've got a split personality, and I've got this to say: (Stalker)
07-12-1999 19-37-16)
last, rethink everything I said above and try to understand. Thanks. (Stalker)
06-12-1999 22-22-04)