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Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall. Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall.
Thanks Whizzkid and others :) I'm fine and I hope you are the same. I've recently became dad again so that plus much job occupies my day (Develin)
29-12-2011 20-18-16)
Hi fellows, I hope you all are well ;-) / your old partner in crime from Sweden (Develin)
30-09-2011 22-44-57)
Hiya fellows, are you still alive ? =) Long time noo see, what's up with you all ? (Develin)
16-06-2009 19-55-25)
:-).. I'm going to check the links next week... I'm going to update the site a little more... where did you get that mail from ? ;-) (Develin)
17-05-2000 19-43-23)
Yeah! I'm still kickin' ;-)... I have way to much exams comming up in school now, otherwise it's great. Great weather too ;-D... I like your site Tyc... Check out mine and tell me what you think -> http://www.onyxsoft.nu Only Amiga ofcourse.... (Develin)
16-05-2000 18-43-04)
So this wall is still alive ;-).. Hi there old fellas! (Develin)
15-05-2000 21-40-35)
At last.. My examwork is ready ;-).. Now I can play around with my computer again!... (Develin)
08-03-1997 14-36-15)
Whizzkid! - can you mail me the object of this logo ? ;-) (Develin)
20-04-1997 14-24-40)
I like the new wall ;-).. nice Oops!-online logo spinning around, who has done that ? (Develin)
20-04-1997 09-30-18)
This is just a test from school :-).. rock on dudes... (Develin)
03-10-1997 15-25-35)
What the "Oops!" am I gonna write here then ;-D (Develin)
25-05-1997 01-00-00)