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Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall. Let's have a social life. back to the REAL wall.
s'me............again! (Caley)
16-04-1999 13-34-54)
what an extremely boring way to spend an extremely boring day! (she's a wee poet.....but she'll grow!) (Caley)
08-04-1999 14-56-13)
a poem....... On yonder hill there stood a coo.....it must be deid! it's no there noo! (Caley)
08-04-1999 14-54-27)
Caley looks at Caley....well, this is another fine mess you got me into huh? (Caley)
08-04-1999 14-03-16)
wonder what'll happen if I squeeze this zit...........ooooooops all over the damn wall! (Caley)
08-04-1999 14-01-49)
Don't try to hide...I got u bookmarked! (Caley)
08-04-1999 14-00-14)
I'm gonna HaggisNuke yer stoopid wall! It's not as good as the one Hadrian built us!!!!!!!! muwahahahahahaa (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-58-23)
Caley looks left, right, then over her shoulder....runs like feck!!!!!! (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-56-00)
wonder if this spray cleaner will work?....oh feck! it worked alright....s'cleaned the feckin wall *shit* (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-54-42)
arrgh! air freshener neither! damn! (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-52-51)
ummmmmm nope deodorant neither (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-51-06)
hmmmmmmm hairspray doesn't seem to work on this wall (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-49-41)
why cheese and tulips??????????? (Caley)
08-04-1999 13-46-24)