Oops! News (most recent on top) :

01-mar-98Infant leaves the demo-scene and, as a result, waves goodbye to Oops! as well.
01-jan-98Dr. Ice decides to leave the group because another group has more work for him to do than Oops! provides.
17-dec-97Oops! wins the 2nd prize at the Astrosyn'97 4 channel music compo with "Funkadelic" by Prodigy.
09-oct-97Oops! wins the Sound Entity IRC music compo with "Bonified Funk" by Prodigy.
17-sep-97Good times are gone. Whizzkid found the volume knob again. It speaks! Run! Run!
17-sep-97Infant, a dutch coder, reduces the average IQ score in Oops! by joining our humble little group with the silly name.
14-sep-97Oops! wins the Amiga 64k intro compo as well as the Amiga demo competition at the Bizarre '97 party in the Netherlands without taking advantage of any corrupt party organisers.
13-sep-97Whizzkid mysteriously lost his voice.
28-aug-97The Fox II leaves Oops! to be able to concentrate a bit more on his live-music projects. You probably won't notice any differences because he never released anything under our label anyway.
01-jun-97"The Origin", our main BBS hosted by Prodigy, goes offline. Who needs a BBS nowadays? :)
02-apr-97Netherlands-based musician The Fox II strengthens Oops! with his mods from now on.
15-mar-97Tycoon, a dutch coder, joins Oops! after a long IRC meeting.
07-mar-97Some inactive traders and sysops are de-Oops!-ed. Check the members section for the new memberlist.
01-mar-97"Impressions", the music collection, appears on the cover CD (CUCD 8) which comes with the march issue of CU Amiga Magazine.
07-jan-97Oops! releases "Impressions", the music collection. Music by Prodigy, programming by Whizzkid and artwork by Shag.
29-dec-96Prodigy's 4 channel mod compo entry seems to be one of the played modules at The Party 6. It hit the 19th spot, out of 107 entries.
28-dec-96The first Oops! distribution site in the UK is now active! Give Stargate a call, and greet sysop KGB.
25-dec-96There was a lot of snow when I woke up. The first white christmas I can remember. Kewl. ;)
24-dec-96Two new Oops! distribution sites hit the road: Disaster Area (Norway) and Warehouse (Sweden).
24-dec-96Vein, a Swedish graphician, joins Oops!
21-dec-96Norwegian Dr. Ice (code/sysop) joins Oops!
06-dec-96Oops! gets it's own web server, so is the new address from now on.
15-nov-96Develin (chip-music) and Wivern (music), both from Sweden, join Oops!
02-nov-96Shag's picture hits the 43rd position in the graphics competition at the huge "Saturne '96" party.
02-nov-96Prodigy becomes 9th in the 4 channel music competition at the major "Saturne '96" party near Paris.
01-nov-96Oops! jumps into cyberspace with a complete site. This site. :)
09-sep-96Prodigy, Mentat and Radium make an intro at the "Bizarre '96" party. Oops! gets the 2nd prize in the quickly arranged Amiga competition at this PC-only party.
10-jul-96Oops! celebrates the 1st succesful year and releases an anniversary intro.
23-may-96Doc (trade), joins Oops!
27-mar-96Strawhead (code), a schoolmate of Mentat, joins Oops! after running the unofficial Oops! fanclub on his own. :)
09-dec-95Mentat (code), a beginning assembler coder, joins Oops! His code would improve amazingly fast after joining.
16-oct-95Selector (sysop, trade) joins Oops! with his BBS "Brothers BBS".
12-aug-95Trash (sysop, trade) joins Oops! with his BBS "Witchboard".
10-jul-95Prodigy reaches the 4th place in the 4 channel music competition at "Somewhere in Holland" 1995.
19-jun-95Shag (gfx, code), a french guy living in Holland at that time, joins Oops! About a year later he moved back to France, but kept being an active Oops! member.
13-jun-95Radium (music, gfx, html ehehe) joins Oops! after watching a "membertro" created by Whizzkid and Prodigy under a different name.
09-jun-95Whizzkid (code, 3d gfx) founds Oops! after leaving Genetic. Prodigy (music, ascii, sysop, trade) joins Oops! and his BBS "The Origin" becomes the Oops! HQ. Whizzkid makes an Oops! homepage that features the memberlist.