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Things never stop going wrong. Isn't that wonderful?

After a state of mental disorder, Oops! pukes out several candies at once, and works on a few others like never before. The time to re-bookmark these pages has finally come. The time to say Oops! is here again. Because when things have to go wrong, we're the team to make it happen.

This site exists in this incarnation since 26-apr-1998.

Latest releases

26-apr-98 Hyperjump to the releases page to download the following brand new and semi brand new releases:

OPS-ST8M.LHA - Module "Sometimes", used in Showtime #8.
OPS-CALA.LHA - Module "Calabro", used in Infant's BZ'97 demo.
OPS-BRZN.LHA - Module "Breezin", used in X-files #21.
OPS-JZNS.LHA - Module "Jazznights", used in Insomnia #2.
OPS-SLGD.LHA - Module "Solid Ground", #7 in SP'98 4ch compo.
OPS-CLWS.LHA - Module "Clockwise", used in X-files #22.

Module mania! Prodigy ate a few of the right pills, sat behind his ProTracker screen with trembling fingers and did his thing. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Isn't his life boring? And all that just for you, dear audience. Now it's your turn. Download a module. And again. And again. Well... you've got the point now, don't you?
Score your own souvenir

Download everything you never knew about Oops! in the shape of a perfectly up-to-date AmigaGuide-file (8 Kb) by clicking this little but obvious symbol: Click here to download the Oops! amigaguide

Free sex!

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Oops! for dummies

Oops! is a so-called "demo group" based in the Netherlands,
working exclusively with and for the Amiga platform.

Our one and only goal is to have lots of fun together
and (of course) with the most exciting personal
computer to date: the Amiga!

We achieve this goal by producing all kinds of entertaining software.
Important is that all our releases are for free,
in the true spirit of the one and only
demo-scene, the Amiga Demo Scene.