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Links to Friends:
Serverwinkel: The provider of the space where these pages reside. Thanks guys!
Quick & Brite's Mediawar: Androgynous techno/triphop/drum&bass duo, ready to be consumed. The fancy www-package was created by the team that brought you the Totally Illegal but Highly Informative Oops! homepage. (Radium)
Soap! Support Site: Game-in-progress, planned to be a Puzzle Bobble-clone for high-spec MSX computers. Yes, MSX computers! Hyperjump to this nicely designed site to read all about the latest developments. (Radium)
#AmigaNL Homepage: Read everything about the IRC channel for Dutch Amigans.(Tycoon)
Robbe's Homepage: Slap! Melanie Kirby's (Robbe on IRC, that's where we all met her) cosy little blue home on the web. Slap! Don't we all like CyberGrrrrls? Slap! (Whizzkid)
Fony's MSX Homepage: Okay, I admit... Radium/Oops! is Radium/Fony as well. Though I never owned an MSX computer, I'm part of this MSX software team. We often use Amigas for development, by the way. (Radium)
Arf!: They are informable, audible, visible, linkable, contactable and they use exclamation marks. What more do you want? Nicely designed website of this experimental techno-music duo (The Fox II and Iso). (The Fox II)
Erik Rudolfs: This personal friend of Radium is wasting all his precious time doing HTML stuff with his A4000. For fun. Plenty of projects to check out. (Radium)
Totally Chaos: The page about this non-commercial MSX group is hosted by Legacy, who is doing a nice job, we think, though it's still under major construction. The design is one of the better ones we've seen so far. :) (Radium)
AmiSoft: Swedish-only site of this Swedish CD company, mainly selling audio CD's featuring Amiga musicians. (Wivern)
RAW: The recycled home of RAW. Done by friend & ego stimulating I-GO/TBL. (Infant)
Esther's World: Homepage of a very dear friend. We met her on IRC. Interesting short stories, poems and a huuuge, impressive resume. (Whizzkid)

Extremely Cool Stuff We Like:
ICQ for Amiga: We support the efforts to bring the ICQ program to our Amiga-platform. Sign the online petition on the action site, or read more about what ICQ is and how Amiga users benefit when this great little communication-tool becomes available for our worshipped machines. (Yes, we all want ICQ)
Big Balloon Publishers: Dutch comic book and magazine publisher, including the new phenomenon "Spekkie Big", which simply rules. Cool cartoon-style site with a lot of album previews to look at. Dutch only. (Radium)
Whizzkid's Little Mermaid Page: Fetishism? Naaaaah! Call it healthy Arielholic behaviour. Loads of pics! One of the biggest collections of Little Mermaid stuff on the web. (Whizzkid)
MC 303 Main Page: Like techno? Want to be creative? Then go and order Roland's silver wonderbox. Read all about it at this unofficial but huge support site. (Radium)
SoundState: Very pretty site, providing a lot of cool sample-packs. Amiga (and even other) musicians can't afford to miss this. Don't forget to write in Nik's guestbook in return. (Radium)
Harmony Central: Perfect for all composers! (Wivern)
The First Ever EboMan Homepage: Everything about this highly original dutch sort-of-techno musician. Thomas Heijmans, the extremely fanatic maintainer of the site, keeps providing all the fans with the latest info. Aren't we glad? (Radium)
The Prodigy's Official Site: Will experience it's official opening together with the release of the announced album "The fat of the land", which is planned for june 30. (Radium)
The Prodigy - Earthbound Central: A really cool page with truly everything about the coolest electronic punks on earth: lyrics, samples, pictures, info... ALL! (Strawhead)
World Wide Punk: A page with links to a real lot of pages about all kinds of punk bands and more. If you wanna find a page about any punk band, you'll find it here probably. (Strawhead)
Flashback: Scandinavian home of the underground. (Develin)
Spicegirls: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Spice Girls, the Take That for Amiga coders. (Mentat)
The X-Files: Huh? What's that strange music? :) (Mentat)
The MacGyver Page: Youth-hero nostalgia. For who wasn't impressed by the A-Team, Knight Rider or Airwolf at all. (Mentat)
Disney: Enter the cyberspace variant of Disneyworld. From the team that brought you Mickey Mouse. :) (Mentat)

Misc Computer Links:
Alias: I wish they ported this cool raytracer to the Amiga platform! SGI only now. Definately Check out the image- and animation- gallery! Drool, drool. :) (Whizzkid)
HotMail: Get your free e-mail address at this site! (Wivern)
NedStat: Free service, providing extensive statistics about your homepage. Very simple to use. Dutch language only, but since it's all about stats it doesn't make that much of a difference. (Radium)
MicroSoft HatePage: Real cool page for the M$ hater. All of us! (Develin)
The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything: One of the coolest sites I know, showing that good ideas are often better than technical tricks. You're not worth to be on the Net if you have never pressed The Button. Change your life forever. Now! (Radium)
Music Modules: Simply a lot of music modules for your entertainment. (Develin)

Amiga Links:
The Amiga Web Directory: Massive site which covers everything that has something to do with Amiga computers. The perfect start for the average peecee-user in need of an educational challenge. (Radium)
RAW Online: Want to find out about the secrets of the one and only true demo scene? Let this site be your guidelight while you enjoy the pretty design. (Radium)
The Party: Homepage of this HUGE demo-party. (Develin)
Oberland Computer: Cheap computer stuff from Germany. (Develin)
Emulators For The Amiga: Should we explain this one? (Wivern)
PCx: 686 emulator by Jim Drew of Emplant fame. (Wivern)
PC-Task: 486 emulator for the Amiga. (Wivern)
Frodo And ShapeShifter: Everything about the C64 and Mac emulators developed for the Amiga platform by Christian Bauer. Official support site. (Wivern)
ShapeShifter Bootfile: Get your virtual Macintosh harddisk file and take a look in the world called Apple. Needs the ShapeShifter Macintosh emulator for the Amiga. (Develin)
HippoPlayer: One of the best music players for the Amiga, supporting truckloads of module and sample formats, now including AHI, the new standard for hardware independent audio. (Wivern)
Scala MultiMedia: Kicking multi-platform multimedia system. (Develin)
LogicSim: If you like logic-electronic, here's the simulator for you. (Develin)
The Amiga E Encyclopedia: Amiga E programmers can't live without this referential internet-source. (Develin)