Site History (latest changes on top) :

24-dec-2018 Fixed the Wall Stats, changed all releases url's to point to either http://www.pouet.net/ or http://aminet.net instead of old wuarchive links.
20-dec-2018 Oops site was rewritten in PHP and theWall has been updated, you can now browse back in time and see all entries.
16-aug-98 The wallstats have returned.. Well part of them anyway.
27-apr-98 Updated the whole site. Added links, releases, fixed problems, etc. Too much to mention, sorry :-)
25-feb-98 Updated the main page to tell that we're still alive and promise to start kicking again soon.
25-feb-98 Removed Dr. Ice from the members page.
28-dec-97 Removed the support boards from the members page. Who needs support boards when there's something called internet?
17-dec-97 Added Prodigy's prize winning Astrosyn'97 module to the releases, main and news-page. The Oops! guide is updated again.
17-dec-97 Added a link to "Quick & Brite's Mediawar" to the links page.
07-dec-97 The website of Reality is down, so all links to it (including Tycoon's private homepage) have been removed.
01-dec-97 Wall-enhancement time again: hitting reload no longer causes comments to be added twice.
02-nov-97 Added the latest release to the releases- and main page. The Oops! guide is updated as usual.
25-oct-97 The wall improved again! The message-input gadget shows more text, making it easier to actually see what you're spraying. As a result, the layout has changed a bit to make everything look prettier.
21-oct-97 Added info about, and a link to, the effort to get ICQ developed for Amiga. See it on the main page.
21-oct-97 New on the wall: time is displayed in the correct way, and a minimum of 4 entries is now required to get listed in the "Average # of Words" chart to make things a little more realistic.
16-oct-97 Updated the news section: the #1 entry in the Sound Entity compo is mentioned now.
16-oct-97 Added two new releases to the releases section and mentioned them on the main page, as usual. The new, updated Oops! guide is available from the main page again.
16-oct-97 Rewrote some texts on the main page, to keep things interesting.
13-oct-97 Added a link to Shag's new personal web site.
12-oct-97 Removed the link to Strawhead's temporarily inactive homepage from the members page.
11-oct-97 Changed Shag's e-mail address to the new one. They say this one actually works, wow! ;)
6-oct-97 Whizzkid expanded the features of our beloved Wall: it now shows 100 entries and the spray-date and -time. A new feature is that by clicking on a handle, you can view everything the person in question has ever written.
23-sep-97 Added a link to RAW (on the links page, of course), as proposed by Infant.
23-sep-97 Changed Infant's homepage address on the members page to the right one.
18-sep-97 Changed Infant's e-mail address on the members page to the right one.
17-sep-97 Added an updated version of the Oops! guide to the main page.
17-sep-97 Added the Bizarre '97-winning demo "Session" (compo-version) to the releases- and main page.
17-sep-97 Added the Bizarre '97-winning 64k musicdisk "Vibes" (compo-version) to the releases- and main page.
17-sep-97 Added Infant (code, silly ideas, the Netherlands) to the members section.
28-aug-97 Removed The Fox II from the members page and updated the news page to announce his ex-Oops! status.
28-aug-97 Rewrote most sections of the main page. Added Bizarre invitation info.
26-aug-97 Added the Bizarre '97 invitation intro to the releases section.
25-jun-97 Added a button linking to The Wall statistics, so they are public now!
24-jun-97 Whizzkid made a statistics page for The Wall, for private beta use only.
22-jun-97 Added our latest release "Beeps" to the main page, as well as to the releases page.
22-jun-97 Updated everything related to the fact that "The Origin" BBS is now offline.
21-jun-97 Added "Oops! goes Bizarre!" section on the main page.
10-jun-97 Doubled the amount of possible entries of The Wall.
06-jun-97 Updated a few tiny things in the descriptions of the links-section.
05-jun-97 The wall now auto-refreshes after pressing the submit-button, so even browsers caching the page will be forced to reload it.
01-jun-97 Added extra message to the wall status page, to explain why it looks like the wall doesn't work in some wrongly configured or plain stupid browsers. We're probably doing some kind of workaround soon, to support the mentally poor. ;)
01-jun-97 Centered all horizontal dividers, to avoid strange behavior in very wide screens and in some browsers.
23-may-97 Added "The Wall" page ... go look for yourself!
23-may-97 Fixed the first wave of bugs caused by the frame stuff. We even thought about how it looks in PeeCee browsers. :)
23-may-97 Major layout change: everything is frame-based now, to enable more modular enhancements in the near future. I changed too much to mention.
23-may-97 Replaced the textual copyright message by a (better looking, of course) graphic with rougly the same content.
23-may-97 Added more useful ALT descriptions to the most important images.
19-may-97 Finally added plenty of cool new links to, guess, the links page. Added the home page of The Fox II to the members section and changed Whizzkid's homepage and e-mail address to reflect their new location, both on the members- and the main page.
03-may-97 Changed format of the background picture from GIF89a to GIF87, resulting in IBrowse displaying the right colours, even when using a 64-colour screenmode.
09-apr-97 Added Develin's new e-mail address and personal www site on the members page.
02-apr-97 Added download links for three new releases to the releases section.
02-apr-97 Added a few news items, as well as three new releases, to the main page.
02-apr-97 New member The Fox II is added to the Members page, as well as to the News section.
24-mar-97 Added "Oops! Music Pack #2" to the releases section and the main page.
15-mar-97 Added Tycoon (Coder) to the members page.
14-mar-97 Fixed a few minor "bugs": the animated Oops! logo didn't have the "Netscape-loop"-bit set, Dr.Ice's homepage wasn't mentioned and the Oops! guide got it's necessary update. Thanks to Prodigy for the quick response.
13-mar-97 Finally changed the "last changed"-date again. Is this a major update or what?
13-mar-97 Changed all page header graphics into the new wire-character style. Thanks to Whizzkid for the anti-alias trick. It saved me a lot of work.
12-mar-97 Removed an HTML inconsistency that caused some browsers to make the main page appear too wide.
12-mar-97 Fixed some stupid bugs in the News page code. Thanks to IBrowse for crashing on them. :)
10-mar-97 The Oops! logo on the main page is an animated gif now.
02-mar-97 Updated the "Members" section again: removed some kicked members from the list.
10-feb-97 Made some important changes to the "Members" page, to make it reflect the new organization structure. As far as we have any. :)
02-feb-97 Added "Links" section. Added "Links" button to all the existing pages.
17-jan-97 The latest Oops! module, "Atomklomp", is added to the releases section and the main page.
16-jan-97 Changed e-mail addresses of Mentat and Strawhead to their new ones.
15-jan-97 Put the "latest release" thing at the main page in a table for a better look. Thanks to Whizzkid for trying to explain what he meant, over and over again. :)
14-jan-97 Oops! ... I forgot to change the copyright message at the bottom of each page to meet the modern demands. Fixed: it says "1997" now.
14-jan-97 Added feedback e-mail links to the main page, to encourage you to send us comments.
14-jan-97 The headers on the site-history- and news- pages are now yellow, because that fits better to my rare attitude towards web design. :)
14-jan-97 Reformatted and modified most text on the main page. It's split into a few small sections now. The classic glimpse should now be enough to see what's what.
14-jan-97 Updated the releases page with the new database editor Whizzkid made. Everything is available from that page again. As a consequence, it was finally possible to remove all the unnecessary download-link-shit from the main page. Feels like I tidied up my room. From now on, it will be a piece of cake to add and/or modify links to releases, so expect things to be where they belong.
14-jan-97 Added e-mail addresses for Prodigy and Shag to the members section. Finally convinced Prodigy of the joy of e-mail, and suddenly remembered where I'd left Shag's terrible looking address.
07-jan-97 Added download links for "Impressions" to the main page.
03-jan-97 The 19th place of "Oldskool" at TP6 is now mentioned at the main page.
30-dec-96 Added exclusive download link to the main page for our contribution to the 4 channel mod compo at The Party 6, "Oldskool" by Prodigy.
30-dec-96 Added dist sites and The Party 96 info to the News section.
30-dec-96Added a new, updated Oops!Guide to the main page, for direct downloading. Our three new dist sites are now mentioned in it. Working on a separate "Oops! Support Boards" page now.
30-dec-96 Changed Wivern's www-address on the members page. Because it changed. :)
29-dec-96 Added Doc's e-mail address to the members page. Should've done that earlier, but always forgot. I think I'm having exceptionally high brain activity today.
26-dec-96 Made some minor changes to the main page text.
26-dec-96 Changed the date layout from xx-Xxx-199x to xx-xxx-9x on the news- and site history pages. Takes up a bit less space and follows the rule that month names should not start with a capital.
26-dec-96 Added extra tables to the history page and the news page for better readability: dates and info are now in separate columns. Thanks to Whizzkid for the suggestion.
26-dec-96 Added "Whizzkid/Oops!" to the credits text at the bottom of each page, because he's programming the cool database stuff, with even more to come.
26-dec-96 Redesigned the Quick View releases page for the second time. To make a short story long: Whizzkid had made some necessary changes to it but used an ugly old version as source. He put it on the server, I replaced my version with it and noticed that it wasn't right. No backup was made, so redesigning it was the only choice. Phew.
25-dec-96Added a new, updated Oops!Guide to the main page, for direct downloading.
25-dec-96Added info and e-mail addresses of new members Dr. Ice (code/sysop) and Vein (gfx) to the members page.
25-dec-96Fixed minor design bugs that were the result of the new htx database stuff by Whizzkid.
15-dec-96Whizzkid made some database stuff, concerning the releases page. New releases can be easily added now.
10-dec-96Removed the controversial, and added the right Web-related functions to Whizzkid and Radium on the "members" page. :)
10-dec-96Changed the LINK and VLINK colours on each page to yellow ($ffff00). No visible differences (yet), but it's more consistent this way.
10-dec-96Uploaded the two missing (not yet available via Aminet) releases "OPS-MILM.LHA" and "OPS-OMP1.LHA" to the site. Added their download links to the releases page as well as to the main page.
09-dec-96Changed the directory structure of the files on the server. There wasn't any, that's why.
08-dec-96Updated oops.in.nl for the first time, by adding this info [grin].
08-dec-96Removed the site at the old location and changed it into a single link page, pointing to oops.in.nl.
08-dec-96Changed the NedStat counter so that it now reflects the visits to the new site.
06-dec-96The Oops! web server is online now, at http://oops.in.nl. A quick and shameless copy of the site at the old URL is made by Whizzkid, so everything is functional.
03-dec-96Added a "last update" date to the main page, as well as a shameless plug for this history page. :)
03-dec-96Fixed a tiny HTML-bug that caused IBrowse to ignore the "W" icon next to Wiverns name.
03-dec-96Added a link to Wivern's homepage. It's in Swedish! Phew... :)
27-nov-96Proudly added the Amsterdam HotSpot Award, including a link to the AV "Spotlight of the Week" page.
23-nov-96Added a download-link for the Oops!Guide to the main page.
22-nov-96Changed Wivern's job from "chip-musician" into "musician" after an IRC session.
22-nov-96Quick-fixed a few layout things that were caused by the transition from HR tags to IMG tags. It was late, yesterday-night. :) NetRape 2.x really seems to suck because it's the only browser that still can't display some of the pages properly. I decided not to test N 2.x compatibility anymore, as it's obsolete anyway.
21-nov-96Changed all HR tags into handdrawn horizontal rulers, which looks a lot cooler IMHO.
21-nov-96Added Develin's World Wide Web URL to the releases page.
21-nov-96Updated the "quick view" page in the "releases" section to make it look like the other pages.
21-nov-96Regrouped the imagelinks and changed the "<<" button to one with a little house on it.
21-nov-96Added a "news" page.
21-nov-96Created a separate page "site history" and moved the "latest changes" to it. Changed the font size.
21-nov-96Changed the Oops! banner at the bottom of each page to look better in other browsers than mine.
21-nov-96Removed dummy-links from the ghosted icons. They were there because the previous version of AWeb didn't align imagelinks the same as normal images. Is OK now. Did I already mention that AWeb 2.1 kind of rules?
21-nov-96Welcome! Added new members Develin and Wivern to (guess!) the members section. Send them some mail!
20-nov-96Discovered that Exploder's terrible integrated mail environment uses an ugly version of my handdrawn MAILTO-icon. Time to sue them :)
18-nov-96Small fix in the BODY tags, because NetRape refused to show the background image. Should be OK now, though I didn't test it.
16-nov-96Latest changes are now listed. :)
16-nov-96Fixed a lot of layout-inconsistencies, through implementation of the same table structure on every page. Looks OK in AWeb 2.1, IBrowse 1.02, NetRape 3.x and M$ Internet Exploder 3.x now.
10-nov-96New! Hot! Cool! Healthy! etcetera:
The majority of our humble releases are now downloadable through the "releases" page. Go, be impressed and satisfy your hunger for Oops!
08-nov-96Added NedStat statistics icon to the main page.